Meanwhile, the EU has voted to kill the Internet as we know it and possibly aid in creating an even bigger surveillance machine in the process.

Civil disobedience is the way forward on this one. We redouble our efforts to create decentralised alternatives and if they’re deemed illegal by this myopic legislation, so be it. Fuck ’em. We go to jail if we need to.

If you had any illusions that the battle for personhood and human rights would be easier in our age, think again.


Potential Civil Disobedience could be very easy.

Simply create fake torrent / multimedia files with suggestive names such as Major_Blockbuster_720p_PirateGroup.mkv and upload away everywhere.

Seed said file as widely as possible and post magnet or plain torrent links on sites.

The whole thing can be scripted trivially and a simple PC can saturate a good amount of bandwidth.

When the Copyright Police comes knocking on your door, politely inform them of the fake nature of this file.


I'm predicting that objections to the cost of implementation are going to be countered by CaaS, Compliance as a Service, so those building AI to meet this requirement will be able to monetize it. Plan for weaponized uploads to target providers, rather than customers, of this service

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