Maybe someone here knows:
I'm getting this crazy pattern in my vulkan app but I can't figure out what the issue is. Anyone have a guess? (Gtx 1060) I get this from submitting a command buffer that just clears the screen to red.

@AlexSneezeKing what command(s) are you using for the clear? What format is the surface? What happens if you clear to blue? Have you tried capturing with renderdoc and inspecting the output directly?

@cort for the clear I use LOAD_OP_CLEAR, nsight and renderdoc both show the framebuffer as what I expect it... (without the weirdness)

@cort as for blue and format, I'll have to check on that pc (don't have access to it right now and it works on my gtx 870m)

@AlexSneezeKing That's very odd, sounds like a sync bug in that case :/

@AlexSneezeKing either that or a problem on the presentation side, not the clear side.

@cort yeah... I thought of a sync issue but I'm not sure how to determine where... maybe I could just create a minimal reproducible state. As for a present issue, I have no idea how I would go about searching for that... hahaha

@AlexSneezeKing I'd you get it down to a reasonably minimal repro case, I'd be happy to take a look.

@cort so I figured it out... I was being dumb. My store op for my color attachment was DONT_CARE, as I thought presentation counted as part of rendering. I was incorrect in assuming that DONT_CARE would do the right thing.

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