Ever since I entered the industry I've been having a hell of a time and I want to give back! So I've been meaning to start a monthly tech meetup in my city to help students, professionals and hobbyists present their expertise in monthly micro talks. Does anyone have any experience with something similar that they could share? I think it would be great to expand my city's tech knowledge sphere ^.^

@AlexSneezeKing I haven't personally run a meetup, but I know a few folks who have done successful ones.

Random things I think they would say:

- Piggyback on existing networks and communities to get off the ground, even barely related ones

- Centralize your messaging. Use *one* medium as official place for news, invites, etc. Less overhead

- Identify key people who can help spread the word, esp. in the early days

- Try to keep a full agenda. Better to meet rarely than be boring weekly!

@AlexSneezeKing Don't be afraid to iterate until something sticks. It takes a long time and a lot of effort but is super worthwhile. Be self aware - know your limits, weaknesses, and failures, but always address them when you can. Don't be too self critical - I've seen meetups fail, too, even when they sounded bulletproof on paper. It's nothing personal and you are free to try again.

Best of luck!

@Apoch Awesome! Thanks a lot for the tips! I will definitely keep all of those in mind. It's a bit intimidating but also exciting. We're a pretty big city but the game tech ecosystem is pretty tiny, I'll do my best to get it off the ground ^.^

@AlexSneezeKing see if your city has an IGDA chapter, they're always looking for speakers!

@banditjoj We used to but they decided to move away from IGDA, we have something called OIGC but they mostly focus on game design and less on tech

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