Some friends and I log interesting rendering resources on a github page if ever anyone wants to contribute/check it out! It's pretty new so it's missing a ton of our older links, but it should grow fairly quickly!

@cort so I figured it out... I was being dumb. My store op for my color attachment was DONT_CARE, as I thought presentation counted as part of rendering. I was incorrect in assuming that DONT_CARE would do the right thing.

@cort yeah... I thought of a sync issue but I'm not sure how to determine where... maybe I could just create a minimal reproducible state. As for a present issue, I have no idea how I would go about searching for that... hahaha

@cort as for blue and format, I'll have to check on that pc (don't have access to it right now and it works on my gtx 870m)

@cort for the clear I use LOAD_OP_CLEAR, nsight and renderdoc both show the framebuffer as what I expect it... (without the weirdness)

Maybe someone here knows:
I'm getting this crazy pattern in my vulkan app but I can't figure out what the issue is. Anyone have a guess? (Gtx 1060) I get this from submitting a command buffer that just clears the screen to red.

@noct Welcome to the gamedev instance! It's grown a bit since I joined but the people are really nice! ^.^

@norado Idea: Start a process that then sets up Vulkan that then serializes the info that then sends it to a database. Then the original process requests the info from the database. Boom! Problem solved.

Ever since I did more Shadertoy stuff I've been meaning to get into the demoscene. Any suggestions on where to start?

@norado Huh, that's interesting. Mine runs relatively quickly on a gtx 870m. Is this on mobile? I heard some of the drivers were pretty bad

@Apoch Our client uses P4 and I often wish I could stack shelves...

Just for organization!

It gets rough to shuffle when one task is blocked so you move on to another in the meantime and they have overlapping files T.T

@aras Some of my friends at the office (Breakfall - Starwhal and PTU) know them! Apparantly they're great people! Small world haha

How do you maintain the quality of your commits to a high standard?

I'm having a rough time after submitting a less than great commit and dealing with the fallout.

Things I could have improved on that I thought of:
- Break up the commit into smaller chuncks.
- Define clear use cases and create appropriate test to assure that it works
- Don't commit with new asserts, no matter how benign. They're there for a reason and might be hiding a smaller issue
- Improve code test coverage

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