A downside to programming for fun, for me, is that i need at least an hour or two to “load” the project into my head, to be able to do real work. Less then that and I am not able to make any “real” progress. It isn’t an easy drop-in hobby. For me anyway!


@jos This is why I keep at least as much task tracking up for my spare time projects as I do my day to day.

That does mean some sessions on the spare time stuff is just spent in planning land, but I do enjoy that as well - knowing it makes my next hands-on session that much more straight forward, popping off a task and hitting go.

@AngryAnt yes, that is also my default shorter/distracted time window option. And trying to break tasks up into smaller portions so that what time I do have for “real” programming can be as productive as quickly as possible. And still fun! :)

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