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@vnen @openmastering@mastodon.sociaA year later l have zero regrets getting an ErgoDox.

Different builds available - I went for the ErgoDox ez as the clearly laziest option. If I had a redo I would probably have gone for the "sculpted" key option. Though I would have still replaced them with the LED-diffusing caps I picked up later.

If per-key LED is not a priority then the ez with the sculpted keys is probably ideal.

I use the LEDs for indicating function on different layers.

@zuo Hey there! Unfortunately it is not available at the moment. Things got super busy at @framebunker and I had to prioritize.

@richjoslin Oh and "SOURCE:" comments with URL (preferably) or book reference when wrapping up particularly gnarly implementations not necessarily obvious to the full target audience.

Multiples if combining techniques.

@richjoslin All of those things and my favorite super powered extension:

Throwing URLs to docs and threads discussing issues into both log messages and exceptions.

First spotted it in protobuf-net exceptions. Every log viewer needs to implement clickable links and this practice needs popularizing :)

And now for something completely different:

An "our terms of service have been updated" email which I found enjoyable reading :)

for companies: It is possible to communicate without using barely-softened legalese.

@vnen Sure. But you have your answer.

"the address of 'value' will never be NULL" is a warning generated to inform you that a branch dependent on that scenario is unreachable. You treat warnings as errors, so to you that warning is an error.

@cidney People are going to challenge you to defend stated opinions.
- You may consider parity between responsiveness to feedback like that vs. the same for other output.
- One approach to that (eyeing not over-stressing) would frustratingly be to pick battles.

Your work is going to be interpreted. If you don't explicitly state intent, you may not like what others assign.

Work speaking for itself is an easy answer from people who already established a known identity to map new work against.

Having some trouble remapping shortcuts via xbindkeys under Ubuntu 18.04.

Works wonderfully for mouse buttons, but this config has no effect:

"/usr/bin/xte 'keydown Alt_L' 'key F4' 'keyup Alt_L' &"

Any advice on a fix or alternative is most welcome.

Keyboard update:
- Active keys are now reduced to only the lit ones and the thumb clusters.
- Really enjoying only having sideways stretch for index fingers hitting inner-column alpha keys.
- Different caps in the clusters for better touch-typing.

@Tak No git because no Swift core libraries. Perfect sense is made! ;)

@jakob Picking Unity versions newer than 19.1 - glutton for punishment? :P

@Tak The other day I got curious and found that a full clone of Static Sky without the LFS checkout is a refreshingly nimble 450mb :)

Look! Here is a thing we are making. Come help us make more of it!

Complete contract, full hiring flow details, private q&a: cph.framebunker.jobs/

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