@aras Though you probably don't have to look _super_ hard to find some business trying to profile itself as both sustainable _and_ involved in selling you NFTs to something in some metaverse ;)

@Tak Ouch. The team makes it sound way older in the issue thread...

@Tak Relax - it's not that old.

That's just when it was reported on github. The bug itself is way older.

Hypervisor workstation horrors:

Today I learned why recently my primary workstation VM would just die on me from time to time:

Had forgotten to actively set up swap for the hypervisor and had recently increased overall system memory pressure. So whenever I hit the memory ceiling, the memory manager would kill the hungriest process - easily the qemu process for my main workstation VM.

What fun!

@sirdimples Some platform is always dying in someones personal optics ;)

Personally I arrived at the opposite end of the spectrum: After ages of working from laptops I'm pretty sure the 2013 model I retired a couple of years ago will be my last for a long time.

@warpgate9 @Tak You should still be able to do `mklink` from git bash, but yea the behaviour of ln is _not_ fun.

@thendrix It sounds like there might be some hope in some future release of the package: Decoupling the runner and the framework.

For one it would allow us to run xUnit, but it would also free up utech team resources to focus on the runner.

- will ignore the -executeMethod flag when the -runEditorTests flag is also passed.

- The runner will always pass the -quit flag to Unity when configured for -executeMethod, so good luck programmatically running your tests that way.

- The test runner _does_ wait for completion of other domain load invokes, including invoked script reloads, before responding to -executeMethod.

So: If you want to parameterise a TC Unity test run, use custom CLI parameters.

@Tak Mostly I was just reminded of the atomic system updates in the context of your rainy day story ;)

TIL: Unlike other targets (including the editor mono JIT), IL2CPP very much does not like it when you keep things in the stack for later.



Handling of the unfortunate case is _not_ very graceful: Nonsensical generated C++. Thankfully it at least doesn’t compile.

Second stab at family photo storage:

Piwigo is very promising so far. Fast to set up and get going, plugins very quickly sorted initial bits of missing functionality. Auto-upload from phone just goes full speed right out of the gate.

Will run this in parallel with the fruit company service for a while, evaluating as we go.

@jos This is why I keep at least as much task tracking up for my spare time projects as I do my day to day.

That does mean some sessions on the spare time stuff is just spent in planning land, but I do enjoy that as well - knowing it makes my next hands-on session that much more straight forward, popping off a task and hitting go.

Fruit company mass surveillance program was just the reminder I needed to kick up the priority of configuring a home Nextcloud instance.

@invicticide My better half is the shoe expert, so I'm not able to recite the technical terminology.

But disclaimer aside, the pair we got for me with proper support for my feet leaning more outward than inward in steps made a huge difference for my long morning walks.

@shivoa Not sure that it is generational as much as a combo of experience and medium.

After a certain level of experience I definitely adopted the boost+self-directed approach as well. And way back when the library was all I had, the approach was ofc. the same.

However in-between those two - on IRC or whatever online community - my approach was probably less that. I definitely remember a sensation of having the fleeting attention of an expert and wanting to maximize output of that resource.

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