Heading to with @framebunker in a blink to talk contracting and meet publishers & investors.

We should probably meet up! :)


@nulldiver Most definitely!

Just being mysterious doesn’t seem sufficient though. And a band or biker gang seems a lot of hassle.

Something food related perhaps?

@rzubek If it does in the distribution, that is a recent change.

Seems a bit strange to me to decide to include a full compiler (JIT aside) in builds, but maybe it’s less bulk than I’m imagining?

@shana @grumpygamer That said, this whole concrete interaction aside (but salvaging use from it), part of what I find super interesting about mastodon instances is exactly that we get to have this conversation about how we’d like Local to work on our instance.

Otherwise the only difference between Local and Global is moderation. A defence spawned by the failure of Twitter.

Why let their failure continue to dictate our course? Why not try to build as intent-driven local communities as possible?

@shana @nulldiver @grumpygamer Whoa.

I seem to have Twittered all over without intending to. Will apply more smilies in similar future attempts of assistance with a layer of possibly-misunderstood-as-hostility :)

Looking at these specific toots vs the rest of local, they legit did look to me like a misunderstanding or unawareness of toot-scoping. Figured I’d helpfully suggest as much in response to the most potentially inflammatory one.

A fat lot of good that preventative measure did :D

@mikeandtherest If you have an iOS device handy, you might want to check out Continuous.

@grumpygamer Fun, but given your traffic since you arrived I still figured it was best to ask: That toot was intended for everyone? ;)

Remember that by default they all go to the local timeline of everyone on this instance - not just your network.

@grumpygamer @reedbeta You would view a UI issue in one client (granted, the default one) as a failing of the entire platform?

Tableflip, light it all on fire? :P

Did you notice? We recently updated our website with some of the content from

While a bunch of content is still pending approval by the various studios, a good chunk of slide decks and presenter notes are available for download right now:


Civilization on iPad, eh? The future is not looking particularly productive.

This autumn, we hosted a game AI conference in Copenhagen (Game AI North). You should check out the slides from our amazing speakers: gameainorth.com/2017/

For the macOS-able people suffering under the unfortunate SourceTree “upgrade” history: Fork!


Free in beta - assuming evil monetisation once it has ensnared enough of us.

Not fully featured yet, certain teething annoyances - like no option to show text output of commands (so progress of un-integrated features like LFS is pure guesswork).

No windows build out, but one is planned (supposedly, possibly, maybe - here why don’t you let us spam your email?).

@Valkrysa Thanks! Fast running out of pages in the Ancillary Justice trilogy. This looks like a good candidate to pick up next.

@rzubek The compiler interface maps to launching the mcs compiler binary, which is available in the editor, but no runtime.

Also keep in mind that the IL2CPP AOT target is spreading to most platforms.

@khalladay Whatever the client is using.

Pre-2017 Unity if I’m in control.

@akien I play lots of experiences on tablet, but on phone:

Life Is Strange was recently given an iOS port - as was Inside.

For real-time quick interaction, I quite enjoy Lifeline and Subterfuge.

Puzzle: Colorbind and Strata, Monospace.

Real-time: Altos Adventure or Ski Safari.

Not-so-real-time: Out There, Star Realms.

Out There Chronicles is interesting as well - choose your own adventure.

Crashlands is well made, but crafting just isn’t really my thing.

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