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I feel conflicted about movie villains that meticulously plan their lives.

We're supposed to dislike them, but they're just so organized and methodical and rigorous... How do you dislike that?

Oh... Most people don't place life value on having a thousand contingency plans for every inconceivable scenario, do they.


Me: better find the places this identifier is used

*grep intensifies*

Me: well clearly this particular mention of said identifier is totally irrelevant

Also me: why can't I figure out what's reliant on this identifier??


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TIL - c# linq's .Select() method can use a lambda which takes TWO params, the first being the "value", the second being the index of the "value" in the enumerable. I'd only ever used the single param version before.

Opening GDC speaker evaluations is like the career version of getting a report card.

It is fascinating to watch my assertiveness vary by audience.

To reports: "X is a fact."
Peers: "I think X is a fact."
Seniors: "Is X a fact?"

The degree of certainty behind a statement can even feel different by someone new walking into the room.

No real point, just think it's interesting.

I've properly decided to commit to writing my second self-hosting compiler for - this time aiming for 64-bit native.

Should be more pleasant this time around since at a minimum I will have usable call stack traces... Once the PDB generator is sufficiently generalized of course.

Sometimes it makes all the difference to step away and rethink.

And other times it doesn't change a thing, but at least you have confirmation you're on track.

I am ever so slightly envious of non-games programmers and their freedom to not worry about a few percent of performance.

But I also get a huge kick out of making those savings when a budget is tight.

I wish that, as a species, we were all more willing to experience moments of minor but sincere emotional vulnerability.

There is amazing value in being able to be genuine and earnest in interactions that are normally seen as formal or professional.

It can be very bittersweet to come back to a cutting edge project after a hiatus.

There was a lot of intense work that pushed the boundaries of the code in really tough ways... So intense it made me have to stop and get away from it all for a while.

Now that same difficult work is replicated effortlessly by an off the shelf library, barely a year later.

Struggled off and on for two years for practically nothing.

I used to worry that people wouldn't be fooled by my billboarded fake-3D objects.

These days I have a much better handle on my impostor syndrome.

I genuinely worry that my dog is bored when I am not home, but then I remember he sleeps most of the time anyways.

Lucky bunch of fuzz.

I think the world could be an immensely better place if we were no longer permitted to use "it's hard" as an excuse.

Turns out upgrading a Visual Studio 2015 plugin to 2017 is actually even worse than I imagined.

VS could be an amazing platform for development if they would just stop replacing chunks of it with no migration strategy.

Anyone here got experience with Visual Studio extensibility plugins? Or know someone who does?

I have a VS2015 language that I want to bring up to 2017 but I dread the process of porting - past VS upgrades have been severely unpleasant. Looking for data on how painful the update is likely to be.

Ok everyone who works on touch based devices, this is an important exercise.

Take your screen resolution and DPI, and find the size of your fingerprint in pixels for your device. For example, my fingertip covers about 40x50 pixels on my Pixel2XL, if I barely touch.

This is the *minimum* size you are allowed to make a widget.

Yes, keyboards are all doing it wrong. Yes, *you* are probably doing it wrong (and so have I).

Please start doing it right!

Fitts' Law is 64 years old.

If you write *any* kind of mobile/phone based software, and you defy this law, I am severely disappointed in you as a human being.

Also applies to "responsive" web design.

Getting good feedback on the Curvature demo. Very interested to see where this tool goes next.

Stages of attendance:

- Can I attend, boss?
- Don't double book me
- Bring 'em on!
- I am Conference incarnate

Bonus secret level:

- Speaking is like talking to a room full of family

I've been hanging around the AI Summit since its beginning in 2009. I enjoy all the little traditions that have grown from it - the obligatory Death Star drinks, associated parties and dinners, Denny's runs, and the inevitable collapse of exhausted relief when it's all done with.

But my favorite element is Rehearsal. Made some lovely acquaintances and a few fast friends sitting around practicing our talks together. Can't wait for this year's iteration!