I have spent a very long time chipping away at a new programming language called Epoch.

I always half expected the language to ship its first killer app in the form of a game, so maybe this fits here, maybe not.

@Apoch Interesting, I quickly read through the docs and thought it looked pretty interesting. When I was reading the readme it was mentionned that:
"Carefully written Epoch is competitive with C++ in synthetic benchmarks"
I was wondering if it would be possible to provide those benchmarks as it might help people who want bleeding performance. I'll check it out though! I love new languages!

@AlexSneezeKing I can dig around but it may be hard to find the original source - it was a few years ago. Sadly the compiler is not currently in a working state or I'd happily re-publish the comparisons.

@Apoch That's fair, I don't personally require them, I just thought it might add strength to the statement. I can't wait to see where the language goes!

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