Ok everyone who works on touch based devices, this is an important exercise.

Take your screen resolution and DPI, and find the size of your fingerprint in pixels for your device. For example, my fingertip covers about 40x50 pixels on my Pixel2XL, if I barely touch.

This is the *minimum* size you are allowed to make a widget.

Yes, keyboards are all doing it wrong. Yes, *you* are probably doing it wrong (and so have I).

Please start doing it right!

@Apoch You say keyboards are doing it wrong, but who wants a keyboard that takes up the entire screen? Nobody.

@Siedge I am happy to believe that YOU don't want a bigger keyboard. But please don't pretend to speak for everyone.

I know several people, myself included, who would dearly love wider keys. I scale my key height up already by about 10% but no software that I have found thus far allows wider keys.

I have large hands and a degenerative neurological condition that makes hitting a 15 pixel wide widget absolute hell. There's no good reason to ignore 60 years of HCI wisdom.

@Apoch Theres a bunch of large keyboard on Android. Just nobody uses them. By taking up the entire screen you ruin ease of use and require much further reaching for keys, thus destroying any benefit you may have had.

@Apoch Makes me curious how touches are implemented. It seems like the good phones take the space you touch and calculate the center. Alternatively, you could search for the nearest object to the touch. If you can look at the width/height of touch, you can guess the right widget by whichever has the highest percent. If that's how it is, it would be more important how far apart the widgets are rather than their size.. within reason.

@bitbrain Wayyyy back when I first tried Android dev, the API looked a lot like a mouse interface, i.e. you get a pixel precise point for a touch, and nothing else.

Granted this may have changed in 12 years... But something tells me touch interaction is still primitive and unreliable at best.

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