The rack is becoming a little more complete by the day, once all the UV maps are ready I start adding detail to the textures, it will look vastly different to what it looks now

More work on the model, this time it's preparing it for texturing by clearing out the back faces so it can be clear from behind in the game. It doesn't show here but it will make more sense in the game.

Back to working on the game, currently modeling the last model in this scene - a weapons rack (with weapons)

I'm trying to find a more permanent settlement here on #mastodon. Hi, my name is Mohammad, I am a storyteller, artist and game developer. This is more of a personal account but if you want to follow my #gamedev work, please follow my other account . I will sometimes talk about #headphones here.

There definitely has been so much that changed in the project since I last posted here

Giving Roses a break so I'm fooling around with a dungeon crawler prototype. Currently m, implementing a customizable stat system with points found around the map rather than experience gaining and leveling up.

Script is finally done, I can work on the game again!

Currently on the last stages of this script, I've corrected but now I have a few new scenese suggested by the editor to include.

I finished rewriting the script just a few days ago! While my editor taking a look at it, I'm laying down plans on which of my smaller projects I should work on in the meantime.

At 7,140 words the rewritten script is 91% complete. I have only two scenes left and a quick revision before I hand it to my editor

I'm reshooting my talk from the event I attended as a blog. The recording that day didn't work so I'm trying again.

Indieverse was just a few weeks ago and it was a great time. Showcased the game and met up with a few friends and new faces.

I am invited to an indie gamedev con in Sharjah, UAE. I'm going to have a talk there on the trouble I went through making ! I'm sure many won't be able to attend, but I do plan to record the talk on video. It will be up on my YouTube channel when it's available, event's on 21-22 this month

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