As of right this very moment I'm available for hire and looking for work! C++, Rust, Scala, Python. Tools and services dev. Would appreciate any boosts as well. :D

Let's try some "we'll probably make it through 2017" gifts.

Do you need a book, a course, an app, a workshop, github account, hosting, or something else that would help you?

Something in $50-$100 range; ping me (direct message or email "aras at nesnausk dot org") and I'll try to do it!

After 10 days of using Godot I can really say that I like it a lot. I haven't used so far the 3D part of it, but the 2D is very good. Compared to Unity, it has an amazing dedicated 2D mode, which allows you to implement super easy your prototype/game ideas. Last night I've made the switch from 2.1.4 to 3.0 beta, and the latter is even better. There's one performance issue re micro-stuttering that I'm getting for my fast paced side scrolling 2D game, but I hope to find a fix for it soon. GJ guys!

Fun-coding tonight: adding some cheat codes! Perfect for a terminal-based game!

Great tutorial series on using Zenject with Unity, and other general IoC theory:

The same guy also has some interesting tutorials on TDD in Unity, approaches and best practices:

So many cool people around, so I don't know who to follow! Would follow mostly all of you, so...keep up the good stuff!

Hi there! I'm Mike and I'm a senior .Net developer who also loves playing and making games.

I'm currently working in my spare time on a prototype for a web multiplayer game, using C++ for writing the backend and js + HTML5 Canvas for the client side.

If everything goes right, I should be able to "start the engines" in two or three months!

Didn't really present myself, assuming, that some people know me from the Birdsite. I'm senior dev in various tech (C++, Swift, Unity, ...and JS noob) So here's one of the prototypes I'm taking on another development round: TerminalOS: a roguelike about preparing an unknown planet for colonization, fully command-line driven.

Hey guys! Let's see what this wonderful instance will take us! (why is this better than Discord or Twitter?)

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