Didn't really present myself, assuming, that some people know me from the Birdsite. I'm senior dev in various tech (C++, Swift, Unity, ...and JS noob) So here's one of the prototypes I'm taking on another development round: TerminalOS: a roguelike about preparing an unknown planet for colonization, fully command-line driven.

@lostnbronx Hey David! Will do, but at the moment that's mostly UI what you see and only movement is implemented. Also, I'm thinking if I should move the terminal part side-by-side with the map, since inventory management will be console based too.

@BelaBartha Personally,
I like seeing the terminal interface at the bottom. Just what I'm used to. You can always have things like inventory and other stats hidden by default, and called up by command. You know, type in "inv", and get a list of your stuff in the window on the left.

@lostnbronx Yep, that's why I kept it in the bottom until now, but seems to be not enough for inventory management. Using the "stats space" for inventory sounds cool, thanks!

@BelaBartha I'm not sure if I should admit it, but my first thought was that you posted the output of a PyPy translation. #python #nerd

@bremner Haha, never tried it, but sounds good if it looks like that!

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