I love what I've created this year!! 🤗🤗 (Those are hugs for me, from myself 💞) I enjoyed drawing so many fun and colorful things, and I had so much to choose from to put together this summary for this year!! 🎉

This doesn't even include my sewing or game work~!! I really was just constantly creating this year. 🤗💖🌻

Some more complex dialog features are being shown off in this screenshot, including the barebones of item gifting! 🎁
Today's free post describes all of the different dialog parts of this in greater detail: patreon.com/posts/23394024 🍎

The most recent update post (patreon.com/posts/23318374 ) details randomized dialog, so that characters can say more than 1 line about the weather when you talk to them lol. 🏞

Have you ever played a game where the shooting or explosion sounds layer on top of one another and get CRAZY loud? 😳
The short little video in today's free post (patreon.com/posts/23253595) shows how I worked around that problem for ~

Over at today's free & public update post (patreon.com/posts/23150585 ), there is a video to watch, which shows some of the music and sound effects that have been implemented in ! 🎶

The barebones beginnings of what will become 's system of treasures, quests, and trading sequences is detailed in the most recent free & public update post: patreon.com/posts/21518821

What kind of treasure is found in this treasure chest? ✨ ...It's only a secret because I haven't drawn it yet. 🤷‍♀️
Free & public update post: patreon.com/posts/treasure-che

What kinds of objects do you think you will find around Cute Town? ☕ And, which characters would like to receive them as gifts?? 💐 Read about collecting items in today's free & public post: patreon.com/posts/20764197

Stone walkways and fancy fences abound in today's free update post: patreon.com/posts/20033482
Chime in with your opinion on whether the larger or smaller brick tiles look better! 💎

Dolly is implemented as a functional NPC and there are THREE WHOLE MAPS to waltz around - all of the details are in this free & public post: patreon.com/posts/19990464 🌼🏞️🌼

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