I was heading for my fastest ever IOM TT lap - sub 17 minutes - until a telegraph pole suddenly decided that I wasn't.
That's going to leave a mark.


So, here's what the compatibility of Windows Games on Linux look like, after the ProtonDB rating system has changed. The new ratings should be more reliable than before, so it should be easier to pick up improvements in the future. #linuxgaming #linux #protondb #steamplay #proton

my bassist's husband took a video of our set last Friday in Rhode Island. I think it sounds really good for a phone video. you can't see me but I swear I'm playing drums just out of frame.


Without the men who row,
The man at the front,
is just a man with a whip,
on a very quiet, stationary ship.

- My mate Marcus (who is also a sab and a Man City supporter)

from my Black Mesa stream today

it doesn't look like he's holding his back, it looks like he's slapping his ass so hard that electricity comes out

I think the only anime I've actually seen is An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

So, Prey: Don't bother using all those materials upgrading the pistol because you get a much better one later on

This music theory video by Signals Music Studio about inverted chords is pretty good!

How Inversions and Slash Chords Create Better Progressions

i don't like things that sound "too major" but i write a lot in major keys lately

there's this 90s/00s Alt Rock thing that i enjoy a lot that nine inch nails does very well where it's kind of ambiguous about tonality and will slip in a borrowed chord or a picardy third or whatever

so i don't like Happy Corny Major but i really enjoy when it's like uh "tempered" by ambiguous tonality and sounds minor sometimes

anyway here's a short lil thing i recorded thinking about that kind of thing

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