Hello a of Mastodon. Long time no see. Here are some things I made in the time I haven't seen you all in a while. Here are some gifs of what I made.

#1 A lil dude with a sword that abuses the power of squish and stretch

I now understand why people like

I've been messing around with a bit and created a small snowfall while working on learning how to create objects via tables.

I'm havinga back and forth with and I've been considering switching to linux for a long time. Switched 3 days ago, went back to windows again because of unity performance but I hate windows now :)))

Does anyone know of a good one note replacment for ? For handwritten & typed notes, preferebly with an intimate canvas. A good UX would also be great but I feel like I'm already asking for too much.

I tried Xournal++ (dated UI/pages) and write (android 2 style UI + no typed notes).

First email I got from the Games department is essentially a book recommendation that includes Brave New World and Lorde's "The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House".

This is a good sign for the next two years of studies that await me there.

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