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Hi! I'm CosmoHalberd, though Halberd's fine. I'm a hobbyist dev working on a video game in my spare time, and I felt like doing all my friends a service and putting my rambling about it in one place instead of in all their DMs/PMs/text messages/mailboxes/closets.

The game I'm working on has a big ol' title (see below), but it's about a supply caravan after the climate change apocalypse, fighting giant bugs and dinosaurs with an equally giant robot.

It's silly and hacky (hi, welcome to Game Maker), but I've got a solution in place that grabs the five nearest symbol encounters and pulls them into the battle.

Well. It would if the battle system existed. Right now I have them just immediately behave as if the player had run away from the battle - they're briefly stunned before pursuing again.

Some behind the scenes: I actually wrangled almost every raptor on this map to this one location then broke line-of-sight to set up for this gif. It was kind of easy to do, surprisingly.

I'm thinking I'm either going to have to set up some kind of enemy spawn controller, or implement hard barriers for where enemies can go.

Scientists: raptors were incredibly coordinated pack hunters

Me: what if they got confused easily in large groups tho?

I feel a little bad about borrowing from Earthbound so hard, but I think it's literally the series that does symbol encounters best out of every game that has them?

Now, I could tell you how symbol encounters work in Braven. Or. I could show you.

Bonus: This is what our raptor friend? will look like when you see it running around in the field.

Also, that's right. Symbol encounters, baby.

It's been a while because I fell down a *checks Steam*... 84 hour-long Warframe hole, apparently, so I feel like I need to share something.

I've redesigned the previously-a-placeholder raptor-y enemy sprite. I'm thinking the game's final enemy art is going to have this same kind of energy.

Hidden because it's looking directly at the screen - I've settled on a first-person DraQue/Earthbound/Lufia/a-billion-different-JRPGs-style battle presentation.

My goal tonight was to design what the symbol encounters look like in Braven.

"Do you have an image to share?"

No, because instead of that, I reworked my character sprite template and redesigned one of the party members.

Activision Blizzard and Hong Kong 

saw someone post "Toyosatomimi no Miko is canonically trans" and a bunch of whiners in the comments being like "'trans' doesn't exist in Touhou!!"

buddy. pal. she had complete control over her choosing new body. she purposefully chose to "become a woman."

be reasonable here.

but I guess all this is beside the point

it's not that Touhou isn't political as all hell, it's that you don't WANT it to be political

it's not that Miko isn't as explicitly trans as you can get w/o draping a trans flag on her, you just don't WANT trans people in Touhou

Matt McMuscles' "what happened" is a fun series because literally every story of a bad videogame is "larger company makes unreasonable demands of smaller company, bad game happens, smaller company dies, larger company still in business" over and over again

i made their detection range while alerted too large, so they're terrifying nightmare creatures that will pursue you endlessly
that's good

It's no Metal Gear Solid, but I'm going with symbol encounters in BWP Braven, and they have explicit unaware, alerted, and pursuit states.

Enemies patrol faster and are harder to predict if they've detected the player recently.

So I tried Destiny 2 out. It is an exceptionally well-produced game.

I'll save it for some other time, though. Warframe already has that spot filled for the time being.

Ppl spent years making fun of English classes by saying shit like "the blue curtains represent the fact that they are blue" and now fast forward to 2019 and major media figures can't understand that a villain character is a villain character


I have learned how to do Warframe's ridiculous sprint-slide-bullet jump-jump-roll-repeat chain.

It is Too Fast.

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