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So I'm running a game jam that starts at the end of this month where you don't actually make a game; you just make everything else

Just launched the Kickstarter for my game, 'I Have Low Stats But My Class Is "Leader", So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord'! Please check it out!

Just released an update for my 99 character RPG, 'I Have Low Stats But My Class Is "Leader", So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord'! Please check it out; might do a Kickstarter for it soon!

Hey! I finally launched my patreon page.

So now you can support me making games, if you like. I'd really appreciate it!

Doing more interior pixel art today. Probably going to have to work on art until the end of the month if this pace keeps. I'll get to work on the gameplay again as soon as this is done.

Spending today on pixel art and am really proud of making this decent wood floor tile since art is not at all my forte

Life hack: cutting a feature or content that isn't working is radical self-care

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Oof, I need to remember to show up here from time to time. Been a little while.

I made a Patreon post about what I'd like to do for my 99 character game in terms of release.

tl;dr I want to release a small game episode regularly rather than a massive game, but want to hear input.

I'm trying to simplify my game by removing the skill equip system, so I've just been going through a copy of the chart and deleting passives

good lord there's so many passives

I've been writing up more abilities to hopefully have something to test by the time Sacanime comes around and my friends are in town.

Ok, so I know this is a bad game idea but I'm going to just put this out there

what if every ability in a tabletop game worked like the Haunt in Betrayal at House on the Hill

Like "Oh, you're a Magus speaking the Muttering Incantation while using the Clear Orb as the spell focus? That's page... 93... Ok, so the effect is basically Magic Missile. Roll the Yellow die."

So I made a post on Patreon about the development plan for my 99 character RPG

Basically I'm saying fuck art and music and just focusing on gameplay and writing for the next few months since that's what I care about most and is least taxing for me anyway

I've been trying to make art the past couple days and failing hard. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just ignore that and making music

like just make the game with base assets, and use sales to get competent people to do those parts

Like, Dear Patreon;

I am not a corporation. I do what I do because I need money to live. I'm not trying to expand profits, buy five houses, a fancy car and exploit people.

I just want to live.

Someone asked how much of my Ludum Dare entry was based on personal experience. It's... tough to say. I'm still working though some of those things, honestly.

I'll finish a full version and put it up next month, I think. I just need a bit of time to mentally regroup and consider how to do the rest of it. Both through the game's narrative, and mechanically.

Made as much of a game for Ludum Dare as I could before feeling burnt out

Should've expected that a game about my mental health would impact my mental health

Working on naming all the skills now for my game. Going to be writing a lot of dialogue soon, then actually putting the skill system in.

It's looking like this game's going to have 55 characters right now, but I think that's plenty for a jam game

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