Nice to meet you too @meldrian

and Thx a lot indeed to @Le_bottin_des_jeux_linux ,for its/their amazing work indeed!

Yesterday's live session with is available:

Topics include:
- initial setup
- start a new project & available extensions
- physical vs virtual inputs
- 2D character customization
- time distortion & effect on objects
- audio filters

New Playable version of (0.7.1) is here! Mostly filled with Bug corrections, and code optimisation for better graphic performances:
We hope you'll enjoy it!

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This Saturday 4PM EDT, Join the first live coding session on Discord:

10-15 min to present a specific feature, + 30-45 min of free-for-all Q&A.

@Jeux1d100 Yes, the new version (0.71) should have been out today, but we found one or two big bugs... we'll see if it's coming this Sunday or next weekend.

Play for free 's Early Access and send us your feedback to help us make this Bombermania sequel even better than it is.

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@ghosttownoli Welcome (back) to Mastodon then ;).
Way chiller (so far) than the blue bird. Maybe GTG might even create it's own account here too?

The game is far from being ready for release, but we created a today, so anyone can it or discover it from there now!✨

You can wishlist it too from Itchio of course too.

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🛠️ Title: Orx
🦊️ What's: A libre, portable, lightweight, plugin-based, & extremely easy to use 2D game engine
🔖 #linux #gamedev #engine #framework #libre #bin
📖 Our entry:

🎥️ New video review on Linux:
🐘 From: Orx


@darknemo Welcome/Bienvenue on Mastodon William :). Is "Swing Swing Submarine" have an account here too?

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