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Always cool to find some new talks about any game you've done somewhere in the world. This week-end, it was about Dstroy, our 1995 bomberman-like game, on a Korean MSDos forum from :)
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Dstroy version 1.2 from 1997 is now available on dos games archive to download, or ready to play on your internet browser (with Gravis Ultrasound set up from scratch to enjoy it, the way it was meant to be played Heart suit).
Check it out here:

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We released a minor update ( on the same link, with few bugs removed... Check it out and tell us what you think!

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A new year, a new let's play - this time from
the Grand Poofarian, trying to unlock more bonuses than previous "Nap Time"'s friends.

Little Cells is available on from your , and on or devices too.

First Poland to France ingame test, running on @orx open source 2d game engine, combined with @valvesoftware GameNetworkingSockets library.

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@Kimimaru Thx so much :). We're delivering a playable build every 3-4 months here: if you wish.

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