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We reached today - 50 - real on !🎉
Many thanks to our fans, More good and news from us soon!❤️🎮

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Dstroy's 4th world, levels 16th to 20th, with 2nd music from 1997 here (original 1995 game release had a different one).

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Goodbye 2021...
This year, We've entirely redone our basic functional menu: We went full pixelart with it, from a quick test end of May, to Beta quality today, with an obvious tribute to a blue hedgehog too. 🦔💙

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We have a smooth HD vectoriel logo, but we decided to try to match better the style of our game & made an obvious lowrez / 20 colors one. Good choice or not? What do you REALLY think please? Thx.
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Not only the classic youtube, We have a @peertube channel to share our content too.
Here start our thread on DSTROY, our 1997 game capture in full HD.
First, the channel with all videos can be find here:

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Happy to share the release of Jerome's 1st music album:

Jerome is our musician & friend since early 90's, composer of Dstroy, Little Cells and Dstroy 2's music.

Because all videos of DSTROY on YouTube are showing only the first world, we started to make our own to show the other ones. :)
This time, the 2mf world, "Middle age" so Levels 6 to 9.

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We reached 40 real on !
Thx very much to our fans, and see you soon for more of our news. 🎮 🎉 ❤️

The Victory screen mockup from last week is now in game! We will still try to improve few things here and there. :).
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WIP victory screen mockup (few things would move and be animated when in game).
Any feedback is welcome before polishing phase starts (colors/layout/style/shapes). <3
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Our menu will include hidden refs from other games we loved, & from 1995's Dstroy too.
The 1st pic from the old story for instance is used as ref for one of our new menu background.
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