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New visuals for our remote control bombs.
We're otherwise mostly debugging the game, instead of working on next features. so we can release the 0.7 soon.

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New 0.7 public build is almost there... We're aiming tp propose it to you before the end of March if everything goes well. <3

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We reached today - 50 - real on !🎉
Many thanks to our fans, More good and news from us soon!❤️🎮

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Dstroy's 4th world, levels 16th to 20th, with 2nd music from 1997 here (original 1995 game release had a different one).

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Goodbye 2021...
This year, We've entirely redone our basic functional menu: We went full pixelart with it, from a quick test end of May, to Beta quality today, with an obvious tribute to a blue hedgehog too. 🦔💙

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We have a smooth HD vectoriel logo, but we decided to try to match better the style of our game & made an obvious lowrez / 20 colors one. Good choice or not? What do you REALLY think please? Thx.
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Not only the classic youtube, We have a @peertube channel to share our content too.
Here start our thread on DSTROY, our 1997 game capture in full HD.
First, the channel with all videos can be find here:

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Happy to share the release of Jerome's 1st music album:

Jerome is our musician & friend since early 90's, composer of Dstroy, Little Cells and Dstroy 2's music.

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