In our latest featured article, Matvey "MATov" Cherevko describes how he developed an isometric plugin for Unity. Includes a look at the isometric sorting logic, optimizations, and working with the Unity editor:

Are you a US-based developer with a complete or near complete PC title? Submit your game to Intel for testing and get in he running for amazing prizes:

Is OOP making your programs less performant and harder to reason about and maintain?

Are you a US-based with a complete or nearly complete PC game?

We're excited to have partnered with Intel to bring you a contest with awesome prizes including marketing, a distribution and publishing meeting, hardware, and more!

Check out the full details:

Audio professional and moderator Nathan Madsen shares 5 things he wished he had in his contracts sooner. Mainly aimed at audio professionals, but largely relevant to any freelancer:

Model organic shapes (such as creatures) quickly and easily with the Skin Modifier in Blender:

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Looking for a good explanation of quaternions? Check out this great explanation and examples:

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