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My new blog on using Instancing in Unity to render enemy health bars in one draw call:

There was quite a lot of interest in this, so I spent far too long writing this up today 😂 Please boost to make it worth my while!

Deep dive in the archives, in this 2003 article Steve Pavlina describes the differences between "shareware amateurs" and "shareware professionals". Other than the dated "shareware" terminology that has gone the way of the dodo, the advice is still pretty on point today!

A simple format for archiving design decisions:

Thanks to our friends at Fishing Cactus for taking the time to share their approach! :)

Our latest featured article shows the workflow of creating a spaceship model for upcoming game Infinite Fleet:

Got something similar to share with the wider community? We'd love to provide a platform! You retain full rights to your work, everything is properly attributed, and we do not require exclusivity. :)

In our latest featured article, Matvey "MATov" Cherevko describes how he developed an isometric plugin for Unity. Includes a look at the isometric sorting logic, optimizations, and working with the Unity editor:

Are you a US-based developer with a complete or near complete PC title? Submit your game to Intel for testing and get in he running for amazing prizes:

Is OOP making your programs less performant and harder to reason about and maintain?

Are you a US-based with a complete or nearly complete PC game?

We're excited to have partnered with Intel to bring you a contest with awesome prizes including marketing, a distribution and publishing meeting, hardware, and more!

Check out the full details:

Audio professional and moderator Nathan Madsen shares 5 things he wished he had in his contracts sooner. Mainly aimed at audio professionals, but largely relevant to any freelancer:

Model organic shapes (such as creatures) quickly and easily with the Skin Modifier in Blender:

Looking for a good explanation of quaternions? Check out this great explanation and examples:

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