Ultrarena is out on Itch and ready to play! And how better to celebrate than one last gameplay video? I know, right? t.co/iR4RSUyBMu

Hello friends. You can play Red-Hot Robot Ultrarena, my fairly-olished protomabob stompy-robot arena simulation shooter, right now! It's freeeeee.


Ultrarena sometimes provides some juicy morsels for the ol' eyeballs.

Bwahaha. Mark Brown's latest vid on Castlevania Symphony of the Night is a pretty good analysis, but wins simply because it taught me the term "abilitease" for the trope/mechanic where all your cool stuff gets taken away near the beginning of Metroidvania games. youtu.be/a1hHOVIkrcc

Looks like, barring my intrepid army of beta testers not finding any more horror-bugs, that Ultrarena might go live this weekend. Tentative, but possible.

Here's hoping the OSX build works too...

I've been building my Ultrarena page and doing test uploads to itch.io, and I'm incredibly impressed with the tools offered. Butler in particular is very helpful. First impressions count, and since this is my first time deploying to itch, gotta say it's a good 'un.

Ultrarena Vertical Sliceamoid edges ever closer to release. Cool screenshooooooots.

The little dabs of polish help me forget the big dabs of polish I haven't been able to add. XD

Hooboy. I've committed to releasing my hobby project, Robot Ultrarena, on Itch by the end of November. Commitment is good. Realising all the stuff I still need to polish by then is sobering, though. Just as well it's not a commercial release. :/

This GDC postmortem of the classic arcade game Gauntlet is fantastic watching. Amazing to learn what went into making those games and all the considerations in terms of design, marketing and manufacture. youtu.be/YbEw8J4pbC4

AI and Games covers the AI in NuDOOM. I'd previously linked a talk on Twittwr how iD modulated animations using IK and keyframe interpolation to make it look natural, but this vid goes into the more detailed mechanisms of it. t.co/M4Ack5DfOW

Uptown meeeech
It's shooting in a city, what the heeeeeeck
Think of the property and people tooooo
What in the hell are they all going to doooooo
Behind their shields?

The Ultrareeeeeeenaaaaaaa
Has mooooooooooney from 'cross the stars
It builds fake ciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiities
To waaaaaaaaatch them blown into shards

Yes uptown meeeech
It's stomping 'cross a bridge
Its foes to wreeeck
Someone may think it's a huge waste of teeeeech
But loads of fans will make the massive treeek
To watch this maaatch

Hey howyadoing whatsup? I'm Gazza, I'm a games programmer at a work-for-hire studio in Johannesburg, and I do my own dumb stuff in my laughably limited spare time. Looking forward to sharing my stuff and seeing rad work here!

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