Ëḹíẑâḇểʈħ 🏂 (òᴥóし)

planks are also good to do while waiting for your build to finish, they build core strength

@Icetigris If I have to be waiting long for a build to finish, I also like to find a way to make it faster. It's often easier than doing planks :P

@Icetigris I will add that I did generally enjoy yoga when I done it for a bit. Super for for your flexibility and posture.

@neilogd if you have an easier way to make UE4 build faster, I'm all ears (we already use a dbs)

@Icetigris I'm afraid I can't help you there, at least not with any pragmatic solutions :(

@Icetigris I've done my time with slow to build UE code bases, it always saddens me when I have to work with anything taking upwards of a few minutes :(

@Icetigris My approach to handling those kind of projects is have a couple of workspaces, and a couple of tasks going. Not always ideal, typically depends on one of them being more R&D, or low priority.

@Icetigris PS: I assume you're changing engine code, often headers too in UE? I can empathise with that, it was the cause of my pain with UE3 :(

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