It's bill day
Electric, tax, gas, savings.

Money in, money out

What happened to

I used to see niu people on the timeline all the time.

I can't help think that people who lead with their sexuality first (so gay today, look how gay I am, I'm just so gay) have nothing else of interest in them. Nothing else to show of themselves.

You're gay, no one cares, now what? Come back when you have something more interesting about yourself to say. Give us some actual thoughts, show us the gulf between you and you-in-a-year's-time.

Your gayness might be important to you, but give us something real to engage with. It's a dead end.

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I talked to my friend. I am not fond of this.

— Kib Ecemast, expedition leader

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What are people's methods and advice for streaming to twitch (or where ever) on linux?

Good old OBS set up?

This stream on the decompiled cod of Yandere Simulator, is very fascinating.

If you're aware of the story of YandereDev on the whole, it's a little sad too.

It's a great, meaty learning exercise.


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I finished up some work. That was satisfying.

— Ber Ralaned, Miner

Remote code exec in Left4Dead2

Really fascinating little read

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hey if you or anyone you know is looking for an experienced, self-taught Go or Python developer with a background in Physics or security, I'm your gal!

my professional experience is a little limited, but only due to not being given the chance. i am a very fast learner with a wide array of knowledge already, willing to learn anything to fit into any role

my most recent projects include writing a gopher (yes, that pre-HTTP protocol) server, my own fixed-size LRU hashmap implementation from scratch, and the beginnings of an IRC server. all in Go

boosts are very much appreciated ❤️

Can actually confirm the loss of weight. One more down.

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Okay, I'm in. Frogsite link goes -->

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Gab is so difficult to sign up for atm. They seem to be smack in the middle of some insane data migration. So auto-emails arn't going out.

1 lb drop in my weight this week. It's not very precise, so I will have to double check next week.

Our weight flucuates by ~4 lb either way during the day. Which is why we measure over a period of weeks.

↘ Total of 14 lb down in my diet quest.

🥅 Still around 14 lb to go for the goal.

We are not, infact, healthy at every size.

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Fun Quake 1 facts.

Did you know one could make a third-person click-to-move RPG out of Quake 1? All stock engine.

Behold: 2005, Prydon Gate

You can still play this mod.

I smashed out a quick bot in that spits out haiku~~~🌸 🌸

It's pretty banging, actually.

This website is a true work of . I would archive this in history if I could

No loss in weight this week, annoyingly.

Likely about to hit a plateau for a few weeks, which sucks. But it is not unexpected. Just have to keep working through it.

So still sitting at around 13lb down, with around 15lb left to go.

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