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ACAB literally cannot be true. The more I think about it, the less possible it gets.

It's a useless remark.

Jesus SFTP is miles, MILES slower than just FTP. I'd better warn clients next time!

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brexit, food wanking 

People are kicking up a stink about chlorinated chicken but I don't think enough people are worried that we might be subjected to American Cheese

Who are those guys who started a commune in seattle and ran out of food on day 2?

That's comedy genius tbh. If you are a writer and looking for a sitcom, that's a gold mine. Top to bottom.

It's a shame that Read Only Memories was a so-so game, because the soundtrack is really banging.

Tobey Maguire is in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, christ!

Due to the slight gap between when my Screen.OnOpen and Screen.OnClose events are called, players of my game can lose up to 0.0044 seconds when going through the full screenflow.

That's .0044 seconds off the level time limit.

So if a player enters the screenflow with <.0044 secs on the level clock, there's going to be a hell of a fuck up in the logic.

But that'll never happen, right?


Somewhere out there are people that actually register sublime text


Or Toshihiro Nagoshi, or whatevers. Who looks like a yakuza as well

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End game Yakuza Kiwami is such a slog.

Every fight boils down to 3 punches in Rush style, dart back, wait, dart foward, 3 more punches. And repeat.

If you deviate from this pattern you will get a 9 hit stunlocked combo to the nut.

Ueda does some talented stuff, but balancing end game combat is not in the category.

I want to like Kiwami, but it at every turn in feels like a shit Yazkua 0.

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Instagram has displayed "false information" warnings with fact checking for a while now.

Is this something you'd like to see on Pixelfed?

help.instagram.com/38853495208 #pixelfed

Also, right, you're all heads here. Has nvidia always been absolutely shit at covering linux?

I have to stick to Windows on this machine because my live boot media for pop os doesn't play with the nvidia card.

How do people cope?

You see, the problem with using burner phone numbers to sign up to social media sites is when you have to find the number again 2 weeks down the line....

That said I did spend 4 hours on Europa Universalis IV after painting the office yesterday.

up until i bankrupt myself with wars.

Just like real life, the irish are hard to control and wiley.

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I dont know why I keep Dota 2 installed and updated. As if I'm waiting for a spare 2,500 hours......

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amazing how me just messing around in Gamemaker for a year and a half on my days off has brought me here #indiedev #GameMakerStudio2

However, with some smart saving there's still a monthly profit. So the plan is working out

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