Lockdown. I'm not seeing my girlfriend or kids for the foreseeable. 😭

You can tell Docker is an important program, because it takes so long to start up.

Browsing Mastadon seems to be an exercise in seeing a blurred picture marked "sensitive content", clicking it, then discovering it's a picture of someone's lunch or a car or something mundane.

I don't post here often, but I've just discovered my girlfriend does not know The Littlest Hobo, nor its theme song and thought it was worthy of Mastodon. 😱😱😱

Two and a half years wasted to stop a handful of Tories defecting to UKIP.

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Oh hey Mastadon. It's been a while.

I'm mostly on Birdsite lately (same @)

I know this is a gamesindustry shard, but I can't let Brexit go unmentioned. It will cause huge problems to our industry (amongst many others).

We have to stop it. Sign the petition and join the March in London on Saturday

I kinda feel if I were to use Mastodon more, it would be more of a general thing, than a specific gamedev instance (I'm technically not games industry any more anyway).

Is there any way to migrate a profile?

My small corner of Mastodon doesn't seem anywhere near as excited about Detective Pikachu as my (slightly larger) corner of Birdsite is.

When the moon hits your eye
and you mispronounce guys

What up Mastodoners?

Long time no chat.

Erm... well *kicks heels*

The Twitter spam bots seem to have arrived here. I now have a "Tayler Swift" following me. πŸ™„

* hole in brain to alternate dimension
* can see rifts in reality
* pull game from rift
* post gifs

@aras I start a new job tomorrow. It's outside the games industry, but still using UE4 to make a "game-like" simulation. Does that disqualify me from this instance?

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