So I guess virtual calls are gonna be potentially much more expensive as a side effect of fixes for Spectre / Meltdown.
And suddenly Mike Acton's "typical C++ bullshit" slides are now perhaps more relevant than ever.

Well, my PC has bluescreened twice in a row related to NVidia services :c

Interesting. Looks like my device supports a minimum OpenSL buffer size of 240 samples at 48khz, yet does not expose the "" feature, so Unity opts not to use the OpenSL audio path.

That's quite unfortunate.

@KillaMaaki It probably wouldn't be so bad for a non-VR app, but it becomes much more noticeable in VR I think.

Wow..... so apparently audio latency in Unity is unusably bad, at least on a Moto G4. On "best latency" vehicle crash sounds are playing easily 200ms after the actual impact has happened.
That's almost a quarter of a second later. It sounds horrible.

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Make sure you check out i you think the current Mastodon UI is rubbish.

Oh OK. The culprit was "Use 32-bit display buffer". 16-bit buffer it is then.

Now, I suppose my hubris was in assuming that mobile hardware would be capable of going beyond the color depth of a SNES without breaking a sweat, but I suppose I ask too much of a phone 🤷

Okay, that's curious. A whole separate project with a similar scene and the exact same shaders, and with a few tweaks it is hitting an unwavering 58 FPS in VR mode.

Hm.... time to play a game of "spot the difference" with my graphics settings.

Hm, having trouble reaching 60FPS on my Moto G4 in cardboard mode. Scene tops out at 10 draw calls (20 if using multipass eye rendering I suppose), everything is vertex lit.

Surely this should be rendering better? Without VR mode it is a rock solid 60.

Ended up getting a Cardboard viewer this Christmas, so now I kinda want to start devving cardboard stuff.
Maybe VR f-zero.

Hm, Veldrid actually looks precisely like what I wanted when I started working on my own rendering API - simple layer on top of modern APIs, doesn't bullshit around with abstracting too much or oversimplifying, lean perf impact and no GC hit, and cross platform.

Looks like I might be able to start prototyping the game engine side of things with this!

Fun fact: switching this project to android in Unity lags my entire machine like crazy. It's been 15 minutes. It just finished importing two pngs.

And this is where I'm going to call it good enough on the stone column test. I think it turned out pretty well, complete lack of pre-planning aside and considering it's my first attempt at this sort of thing c:

Wow, so apparently the new DLC release for D2 locks you out of Nightfall since the level requirement is raised to a point that is impossible in vanilla D2.

In summation. D2 now locks you out of content you already paid for and had access to previously, requiring $20 in order to get that content back.

What the fuck, Bungie?

Noodling around with Blender's viewport texture painting. Also first attempt at a handpainted texture. Sort of a challenge to see if I can do this with pretty much nothing but a hard-ish round brush.

Today I worked on some kind of village theme thing. I still don't like the intro, but I don't think I've ever liked my intros >.>

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"The Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy" –Pinboard

Working on a retro software renderer in Unity. Got sprites and tilemaps mostly working. Can modify stuff per-scanline for some neat effects :)

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