Currently, I'm juggling my time between three projects: TRBot's 2.4 release, chiptune music, and a WIP game prototype.

I hope to show off the game in the near future. It's made in Godot, which I'm still learning - and enjoying!

New track, titled "Mountain"! Though you've come a long way, there are still more hurdles to overcome.

I'm restructuring my Funkwhale to organize my tracks into proper albums. If a link to one of my tracks is broken, chances are it'll be in a new spot on my Funkwhale profile.

Another new track, this one being "RobotFactoryV2". I love revisiting old tracks and seeing how I can build upon them. What do you think?

New music track, titled "Emergencyv2"! This is the most intense one yet! What do you think of when you hear it?

New music track, and my longest yet! This one is called "Castle".

What do you think of when you hear this track? Feel free to share!

Maze Burrow will be 50% off from August 30 - September 6 on Steam and!



If you're craving difficult puzzles, make sure to grab a copy! Maze Burrow is also FOSS!

I found some time to revisit my tunes and brush them up. Here's "WaitingLoopv2"!

In addition, the Trebuchet for Chapter III was already complete. It was actually done before the FIRST island was released. If I remember correctly, we wanted to use it on the first island but couldn't fit it in.

Here you can see the trebuchet and an animation it'd play had it been implemented.

All-in-all, Longbeard was poised to be a major hit, and our team's passion for it was clear. What happened was a tragic ending to a project with so much potential.


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We already had plans for the Volcano Island, such as rope physics for sword combat. I've dug up notes that I must've taken back with me when I left.

We planned an entire fight while the player is drunk! In this game, your view gets distorted when you "drink" beer. It was actually a very cool effect. In hindsight, this may have caused even more motion sickness.

I remember lots of assets were already created for this island, including an awesome rock golem boss.


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Here is the official roadmap we put out for the game post-launch. I don't remember what the Chapter of Fortune was supposed to be, and I don't believe we planned that far just yet. It could've been some form of DLC.


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3D Mario games are more good examples - there are many moves at the player's disposal to speed up travel and keep it interesting.

On the flipside, games like Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and Musashi: Samurai Legend give you little to do while traveling far, and the character movement speed is so slow it's unbearable. Traveling in these games feels like a chore. Sometimes the character moves slower when you do another action like jump, expounding these problems.

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It's Maze Burrow's one year anniversary! I wrote up a postmortem describing my successes, failures, and thought process behind many aspects of the game.


Additionally, Maze Burrow is 50% off on Steam and Itch until next Wednesday, so this is a great time to grab a copy if you enjoy puzzle games!

I spent about 5 hours on my Maze Burrow postmortem the past two days alone - it's crazy how much time flies when you have so much to write! I hope it'll be a worthwhile read in the end.

To celebrate Maze Burrow's 1 year anniversary on March 31, I will be holding a 50% off sale on itch and Steam! I will also be publishing my postmortem on the same day, so look forward to that.



I'm starting on the long process of writing my postmortem for Maze Burrow. There's so much I want to write, but I'll try my best to make it concise.

New track, titled "Lab". Maybe this plays when meeting the professor? Turning on the power? Lots of options here!

It's March, meaning Maze Burrow's launch anniversary will be on the 31st! I'll be prepping a post-mortem as the date approaches.

Fellow game devs, consider keeping tabs on the game dev union at

This applies whether you're an artist, programmer, freelancer, or anyone else working in games. The industry has been overcome with extreme abuse of unpaid overtime, a lack of minimum PTO, and toxic work environments for far too long.

Consider taking a stand to help improve this industry and empower the talented people who keep it going.

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