Maze Burrow will be 50% off from August 30 - September 6 on Steam and!



If you're craving difficult puzzles, make sure to grab a copy! Maze Burrow is also FOSS!

It's Maze Burrow's one year anniversary! I wrote up a postmortem describing my successes, failures, and thought process behind many aspects of the game.


Additionally, Maze Burrow is 50% off on Steam and Itch until next Wednesday, so this is a great time to grab a copy if you enjoy puzzle games!

I spent about 5 hours on my Maze Burrow postmortem the past two days alone - it's crazy how much time flies when you have so much to write! I hope it'll be a worthwhile read in the end.

To celebrate Maze Burrow's 1 year anniversary on March 31, I will be holding a 50% off sale on itch and Steam! I will also be publishing my postmortem on the same day, so look forward to that.



I'm starting on the long process of writing my postmortem for Maze Burrow. There's so much I want to write, but I'll try my best to make it concise.

It's March, meaning Maze Burrow's launch anniversary will be on the 31st! I'll be prepping a post-mortem as the date approaches.

When I was developing Maze Burrow, one goal was to make it lightweight. As a result, it makes very few draw calls - less than 10 most of the time!

This video shows the draw calls (near upper-left) change at several parts of the game. Fonts aside, sprites are grouped in textures - the game uses only 5 textures!

In cases, such as warp numbers, I render fonts, which adds draw calls. I could've added digits directly to textures to further reduce draw calls.

Maze Burrow is 50% off this Lunar New Year on Steam and!



The sale ends in roughly 5 days, so pick it up soon! If not for yourself, try gifting a friend!

Blocks have their own state machines, used for states, such as being warped, controlled by a switch, and being moved.

That's right, blocks move independently from the player! The player simply tells the block to move and enters a state where it moves in the same direction. This makes the player look like it's moving the block.

This decoupling made implementing Paired Blocks trivial - when the player moves one block, that block tells its pair to move as well.

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Here's a look at how I used finite state machines in Maze Burrow.

Global = Global game state. This is the base state machine for the game.

IG = IngameState, aka when you're in a level.

OW = OverworldState, aka when you're on the overworld map.

Player = The player's own state machine.

There are states within existing states (Ex. IngameState has states for paused, undo, playing, etc). This allows substates to access common data from the parent state.

Here's another personal favorite, called "Partner". My inspiration for this one was Sakon's Hideout in Majora's Mask where you switch between Link and Kafei.

Similarly, here you have to utilize the Paired Blocks on each side to get them both to their tiles. This is also one of the largest vertical levels in the game.

This is one of my favorite levels I designed for Maze Burrow; it's called "Solved". It's a recursive level that starts out solved, and you have to take it apart and complete it again to progress. Once you complete it and get to the portal, you can take warp 1 to start from the beginning again.

In the mood for puzzles this holiday season? You're in luck! Maze Burrow is 50% off during the Steam Winter Sale.

If you already have a copy, be sure to gift one to a friend, family member, or that special someone so you can compare level stats and see who's boss 😎.

is 50% off until December 31 on! Work your brain this holiday season on some puzzles. Or maybe send it as a gift to a friend!

I came across old Maze Burrow videos I made during development, and I found this one for when I first implemented post-level cutscenes. The game didn't even have a proper tileset until ~4 months before release!

Twitch Plays Maze Burrow has concluded!

Final stats: 229:49:01.7!
Moves: 2031
In-game Time: 649:02 (~10.8 hours)

Thanks to all who played! I'll be hosting a Twitch Plays of Celeste next using the final release of TRBot 2.0. Just one more bug to fix and it should be all ready!

Maze Burrow is 50% off until November 2 for Halloween! Grab this challenging Sokoban-inspired puzzler on Steam or!


Twitch is already at the World 3 boss in Maze Burrow < 48 hours into the stream! There's some downtime now - the perfect opportunity to hop in and boost us forward!

I casually looked into porting Maze Burrow to a newer version of MonoGame on .NET Core 3.1, and it works!

My next step is to work out some platform quirks so my build system can produce the same output on all my dev platforms. Right now I have to copy the font textures from my Windows machine because MonoGame generates them differently on Linux Mint.

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