We're currently entering a similar scenario to the collapse of USSR when US became the sole superpower making capitalism the dominant system in the world. US collapse will lead to China being the unchallenged power and communism becoming the dominant ideology.


@yogthos China is only communist in name. More like a strong-state, autocratic-leaning, capitalist-powered regime. I hope that doesn't become the dominant ideology.

I'm doubtful that the US will fall from grace any-time soon, though I think it's clear big changes are a comin'.

@Lambdanaut I see this repeated a lot, but that doesn't seem to be actually the case when you look at where China allocates labour and resources.

China is responsible for the biggest poverty reduction in the world, they pour more concrete every three years than US has poured in the entire 20th century. They build infrastructure and housing, provide free healthcare, and education, and so on.

Meanwhile, research US themselves conducted is predicting a collapse

@yogthos I don't think that China's labor allocation and economic success has any bearing on who's pulling the strings or how they're organized politically.
Yeah, they're not going away any time soon, and will continue to be a driving world power, though they're also not communist.
To your point about free healthcare, education, and other social policies, it's definitely accurate to add "socialist" to describe China's government, though `capitalist-powered` is also still applicable.


CCP has 90 million members. This comes out to 15.5 citizens to every party member. So, every person in China either personally knows a party member or related to a party member.

Seems to me that there's a direct relationship between that and where resources are being allocated because the party represents the people.

Also, people who actually live in China think their system is democratic bloomberg.com/amp/opinion/arti

@Lambdanaut meanwhile, capitalism is clearly held on a tight leash. Billionaires are regularly jailed there, so they're not above the law like they are in capitalist countries. Also, most of the top companies are state owned, with the exception oh Huawei which is basically a cooperative.

@Lambdanaut China isn't communist in a sense of utopian communism, but they never claimed that what they have now is the end state.

@yogthos Fair points. Thank you for offering another perspective and taking the time to cite your influences.

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