Dehydrating some tomatoes today, using a friend's dehydrator.

First time using one.



@rek Dehydrators kick ass! Recently we dehydrated a bunch of strawberries from our garden into tasty sweets. Great for garnishing pastries.

I imagine they could be very useful for stocking your ship's cabinets.

@Lambdanaut Yep! Super useful! Glad we have access to one :>. Dried strawberries sounds amazing. What's your favourite fruit or veg to dehydrate?

@rek The strawberries are highest on the list, though Mushrooms of all sorts also lend themselves very well to dehydration. Raisins of course are a thing if you've got grapes haha. Golden berries dehydrate very well. Fresh herbs can also be dehydrated to save them.
I originally got one to dehydrate my cubensis and that worked great.

@Lambdanaut Oh yea i will totally dehydrate some herbs :>, i didn't even consider that!

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