The color palette for is taken from an obscure Japanese PC game `The Portopia Serial Murder Case`. The moment I saw the chromatic aberration on the text I was in love.

@synthgal TY friend!

I have a question for you. I'd like to follow you(I just followed and unfollowed), though it seems like I can't seen any of the content from your page from my mastodon instance.

I can only see my own content you boosted.

Any idea whats going on there?

Notice it says you only have 14 toots and 1 follower?

@Lambdanaut maybe some kinda weird federation thing between out instances. Sorry, friend.

@synthgal Maybe. I'll keep the follow anyways. I'm considering switching to another instance some day so maybe that'll fix it.

@Lambdanaut @synthgal thats actually just how federation on mastodon works when its cross instance. you only start seeing the new posts after you click the follow button. you will never see the old ones unless you copy the link to each one and “search” for it or your instance subscribes to a relay

@liaizon @synthgal oh weird. Well why can't I see their header or profile pic then?

@Lambdanaut @synthgal that part just a weird bug that happens sometime and you can usually fix it by refreshing the profile or following and unfollowing.

@liaizon @synthgal but i'm not following you and you're on a different instance yet I can see your post history. :o

@Lambdanaut @synthgal ah so if anyone on your instance has been following me then you also get all my back posts because they are already re-hosted on your instance. Or also if anyone from your instance or anyone you follow interacts with any of my posts then they get found by your instance as well.

@liaizon @synthgal thats... both oddly complicated and simple at the same time.
Thanking you dearly for providing this explanation. I really appreciate it :)

@Lambdanaut @synthgal thats a good explanation for the fediverse "both oddly complicated and simple at the same time."

anytime. I am trying to help the fediverse in anyway that I can and explaining the quirks to folks is something I want to do as much as possible.

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