@Lambdanaut don't you get a headache? I easily get that if I don'tdrink enough water..

@matiaslavik I definitely feel like crap if I eat food but don't drink water. But If I abstain from both I actually get a remarkably clear mind. Like hunter-instinct kicks in.

@Lambdanaut aah, right! Never thought about that!
But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be in a presentable mood if I didn't eat or drink anything for that long 😂

@Lambdanaut I looked it up, as I'd never heard of ppl doing this. Could find no real evidence that fasting without water would help in any way. It sounds dangerous, if anything.

@rek It certainly does sound dangerous.
I can link you to some papers I've found interesting:

* Human study on weight-loss: karger.com/Article/Pdf/357718
* Oxytocin regulation linked to intermittent dehydration: sciencedirect.com/science/arti (I've noticed this effect myself)
* Rat study showing increased autophagy over food-only fasting: pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/269869
* Animal study on increased immunity: pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/284047

I also know of some interesting ones on dry fasting healing epilepsy in humans.

@Lambdanaut Interesting hypothesis. Subject needs more eyes on it though.

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