I ripped out the Audio plugin I was using today and hand-coded it from scratch because the one I had found was too buggy and unwieldy for my humble use case. Also implemented saving at these little robot bois.

Added text effects to the dialogue today. Look at how `wyrms` bounces up and down like that :)

After a month of gamedev hiatus to re-focus, I'm back working on ! There's a deceptive amount of code required to persist items across scenes(like the blaster in this case)

Working on an item menu. Warning: GIF may include very violent shooty gun. Viewers discretion advised.

I just released my de-make of Advance Wars to Itch.io! It features 10 campaign missions with an original story that prequels the original game.

Play it here: lambdanaut.itch.io/picowars

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