@mrlparker i feel that. Sometimes it's hard to re-enter a cycle when you know ahead of time that it's a cycle, and cycles always have an end.

@KingZumbie trusting my intuition that I would be safe riding a terribly rickety tandem bike naked with a friend through town on world naked bike day this year.
The nudity was not frightening but riding that bike was terrifying

@timkrief @jdufour saw this on reddit bug too. Super cool you're in fediverse. Awesome project!

@lavender @sabogato so he didn't say anything about it afterwards? Just casually ignored it?

@traabot reverse image searching this led me to a terrible part of the internet

@conatus oh yeah
And Python *basically* has them as well(using .get() )
I really like how they did it in js though.

@conatus @brand yeah one of my coworkers introduced me them when i got back into frontend dev and they're wonderful.
"I put that shit on everything"

Hacking apart an old vintage rotary phone in the name of the singularity

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