@yogthos funny, when I learned Haskell it was like:
* functors
* applicatives
* monads
* a pattern for each and every kind of monad
* transformers
* lenses
* the new latest greatest replacement for lenses

@DeveloperMemes to be fair, the longer I look at this the more it confuses me as well

@feld haha i just saw this post in /r/wallstreetbets saying he was buying the billboard

New Years Rezziez:
* Continue working on Overworld, a game project I put on temporary hiatus.
* Attain masters league in Starcraft (Now just a single sub-promotion away from it!)
* Do well at my job. Finish commitments timely and focus during work hours.
* Quit rapé, or at least limit to once weekly ceremonially. I'm nearly there with this.

@alex we love this thing! We have two filled notebooks and are going to get a third

OH, That song goes "I'm your TURBO lover", not "I'm your TURTLE lover".

@seachanged @yogthos enough to put it in your icon haha thanks! Check out the game im working on you may love the palette

@yogthos Yeah it took them a while to sort through all of that communist propaganda.

This morning I uninstalled what will forever be Macromedia Flash Player in my heart. Rest in peace good friend.

@Shitlord@dobbs.town Nobody from your perspective. Infinity is watching, and you're the star. To say there are countless multi-dimensional queers tuning into your channel would be an understatement. Quick. Break the fourth wall. Look straight into the camera.
The camera is every where.

@leyn Heya! Thanks for the pointers!
Yes, there's a high-res shader that does some of the outlines. In some cases I plan to keep it, though in other cases I add the outlines by hand in aseprite.

Nice job noticing the clouds! Yes, they have minor chromatic aberration applied to them. The text boxes when speaking to characters do as well.

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