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When your principles are being trampled and it's been made clear that no compromise can be made, the best thing that you can do is pack up and leave. This will do the most to heal them, and you.

I created an issue to discuss Lemmy's de facto slur filter, and how it can be removed or made better as to not marginalize certain individuals:

After a month of gamedev hiatus to re-focus, I'm back working on ! There's a deceptive amount of code required to persist items across scenes(like the blaster in this case)

hey everyone! please welcome @voxel to mastodon. He’s a chill dude who writes DOS games sometimes. he wants to ween himself off birdsite so give him a hand.

I'm having one of those days where I just suck. It's not getting to me though. I'm really enjoying it. Laughing at myself helps put it into perspective. It's okay to suck sometimes. 👍

@voxel Hi @voxel ! Welcome to fedi! I saw your game SlipSpeed on hacker news a few months back if I recall correctly. Looks really impressive!

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