This is the gamedev equivalent of sticking my hand into a running shower to check water temperature, but what I'm doing is checking that child objects work as expected. Only the body has move code attached, the tail inherits everything.

It's worth noting that this isn't like Unity, where a child object is physically nested inside it's parent. In GameMaker, the parent doesn't need to be present, the child will simply behave the same - unless it is told to override specific events.

I finally bought Gamemaker after spending ages tinkering on and off with Unity, and this is my "made in a minute, no effort" Hello World project lol.

Like, I've made the simplest shit in the world here, but I made it in literally no time and it didn't feel like a hassle to figure out. Excited to try and do something *tiny* in it.

I'll have y'all know that I stopped drawing cute furries for this, I was *that* eager to get this working

Unity finally updated documentation for how to access HID data with the new in-progress Input System. πŸ™Œ

I've been waiting on documentation for a couple months lol, but with this update, I was finally able to figure out how to implement a custom gamepad definition: PS2 controller with pressure info for all buttons.

Next step: Figuring out how to actually make use of these buttons.

Re: last boost, Final Fantasy Adventure's sprites are absolutely going in my reference folder. They are so damn charming.

The sprites in Final Fantasy Adventure are so cute and charming. Check out those enemy quotes and illustrations in Mato's sidebar too.

This is the sort of flavor you wouldn't get from playing the game on its own, it'd be great if retro re-releases offered a feature like this.

It's taken me a million years to get around to it, but I'm finally playing with NESmaker. Extremely early days, got this idiot walking into the abyss. 🦊 #nes #gamedev

This is from 2017. The original was DMCA'd from Twitter by IFPI due to the use of the Baywatch theme, lol. Posting it here for posterity!

An alternative and updated version set to MIDI is available over on Twitter. 🎹

Reposting an old classic from Twitter, back when I was toying with JRPG things. Forever and always, he's always here. πŸ–πŸ¦πŸŽΆ

If Crash Bandicoot's antagonist was progressive 

I saw someone mention using the SMPTE test pattern as a pride flag so here's an experiment:

Twitter Link (++), Game Dev and Unions 

There was one fatal bug in 3dsmax 2015 that was preventing me from working on my rig - any attempt to use the Reaction Manager would result in a hard crash. This is no longer an issue, thank christ. Why did I take so long to upgrade lol

I've upgraded my modelling programs for the first time in five years, and man. What a difference five years makes. It's like everything I was already deeply familiar with, but shinier, and it doesn't feel like it's going to crash at any second.

It's not officially out yet, but consider this a public soft launch for the fediverse

Encompass ECS
A framework for building games

Iiii want to make a game for Playdate. I went from "how the hell can that crank be used for anything" to "I have twenty ideas and can't be stopped" in mere minutes.

posted a thread covering everything I know about Nintendo's "Game Processor" system. features patents, game footage + images, cartridge info/pinouts

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