Iiii want to make a game for Playdate. I went from "how the hell can that crank be used for anything" to "I have twenty ideas and can't be stopped" in mere minutes.


posted a thread covering everything I know about Nintendo's "Game Processor" system. features patents, game footage + images, cartridge info/pinouts

Usually I'd unwrap and texture before moving onto rigging, but I have so many other models to texture after this. I wanna try and set everything up so that once I start texturing, I don't ever have to break my workflow.

Hands are hell to make in any medium imo, so this is more or less the equivalent to building an art board for reference material

Tbh I might simplify the mouth even further and replace it with a simple texture, see how I feel about it later

Most of this head was done in a few hours last night, while tonight was all about that little tuft of hair across the top. The tuft took way longer than I'd like to admit, but I'm satisfied with the result.

Somehow, that little tuft of hair took the most time to figure out, and it's still only kinda what I'm looking for. I'll have to just experiment with it when I'm modelling it proper.

Right, I can think about modelling him up proper now. The endless struggle of "is this low poly enough?" begins tomorrow

Spline cage is almost done! Just a couple small details left to worry about.

Right now I've gotta deal with the hair, weird shapes that only hold up at certain angles. I need to take as much guesswork out of this as possible.

I'm finally getting back to work on an older project, feeling rejuvenated and way more confident about 3D-modelling a character.

Starting with a spline wireframe - this definitely adds more time, but it also takes a *ton* of guess work out of the modelling process for me. Way easier to tweak details and get the general forms to feel right.

Strongly wanna try 'n make a tiny game with NESmaker, but a new 5.0 version release is on the horizon. Gotta wait. 😩

Basically I just want to make tiny games for consoles that are almost as old as me

I also extremely need to play with NESmaker, especially now that scrolling has been implemented thenew8bitheroes.com/

Guess who's 100% toying with GB Studio and dreaming about tiny Game Boy RPGs tonight. gbstudio.dev/

Someone made a simple visual scripting tool for creating straight-up Game Boy games. It looks like it's tailor-made for tiny RPGs, but this is still extremely cool.

Video: youtube.com/watch?v=9k3RPaziVc
Site: gbstudio.dev/

Unfortunately, GoldSrc's animation limits are something I can't overcome without direct access to the engine, so my attempt to get GoldenEye animations into Sven-Coop ends here.

It's a bummer, but honestly I'm surprised I got this close. The animations work! Half-Life skeleton rigs can technically use them! The issue is the engine itself.

In my attempt to get a GoldenEye animation in-game, I managed to squeeze one down from 90 frames @ 30 fps, to 18 frames @ 6 fps. For an animation like this, the results were promising.

Differences are plainly visible when placed side-by-side, but the reduced version sticks remarkably close to the original.

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