I expected this to give me some hell, but it ended up coming together with minimal pain!!

The sweep, though. I fear the sweep. I have to do the sweep tomorrow.

@dogo The big hair sweep!! I am a fool who likes to draw 2D shapes that look nice, rather than shapes that make sense - but I'm working in 3D here, so like, I have to actually figure out how his hair makes sense.

@Lollie oh gosh right you mentioned that! heck i forgot
shouldnt the beziers already do a decent job at guiding you, or do they not cover enough of the head as of rn?

@dogo The curves *kinda* work, but like, the illusion falls apart once you actually look at it, lol. It's probably gonna require a little cheating

@Lollie heck... what ifff you did 2d view sketches of how his hair would look pleasing (top/ signature side view/ head on) and tried interpolating a 3d shape based on what you got out of those

@Lollie i feel like the only part that stands out as real odd rn is the left hand side lines's curvature rly but it feels like there should be a way to make it work

@dogo Ye, I do have a couple ideas - either altering the sweep so it's more like a comb-over, or adding a hard edge along where the sweep intersects with the other bit of hair, so that it looks like a (kinda goofy and nonsensical) second hair-part.

Either way, it's mostly just blending the sweep with the hair that's already there, and I'm kinda hoping that the low poly factor will help disguise it anyway. 🤞

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