It is within the realm of possibility that I may have forgotten a few bones


He's working! Here he is in action, using one of the scientist animations. ⌨

Adding eight bones that literally do nothing fixed the "flat head" issue I was having. Like, they aren't even skinned, they aren't even referenced as part of the skin. They're just parented to the head bone and exist solely to complete the bone hierarchy. Thanks, bones.

@Lollie Look at them go!!!!! Pappappapping away at those panels

@Lollie im guessing tail flooping and lil whiskers wiggle would require editing all the animations frame by frame?

@dogo Yeah, gotta edit the animations! No jiggle bones in Goldsrc unfortunately, otherwise I'd be all over 'em. I'm only gonna bother with the tail, and just edit the main animations: idle, walk, run, crouch, and jump. Hopefully that'll be enough!

@Lollie its the biggest thing youll notice! Definitely a good addition. My only spook is since the game is usually first person how much youd see of the model as a whole

@dogo Yeah lol, that's also kinda why I'm only bothering with the tail. The model itself is like 90% for multiplayer (Sven Coop, I'll see friends & they'll see me), 9% for screenshots/video, and 1% for the off-chance that I decide to play any part of the game in third-person

@Lollie oh!!! oh heck thats gon be cute, a lollie prancing around the place around everyone else in MP

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