I recently nabbed an Xplorer FX cart for cheap, and it has the ability to interrupt the PS1 via the cart's physical on/off switch. So here I am, toying with the interrupt switch during Tekken 3's attract mode, and fucking up the graphics in the process. youtube.com/watch?v=EIe6rHaYtl

This also inadvertently shows how old and busted my original-model PS1 is, the poor thing struggles with so many games. I really gotta get brave and install PS-IO already.


While playing with Xplorer FX's interrupt switch, one detail that I thought was super cool is that Tekken 3's models are selectively smoothed.

Like here, Kazuya's arms, chest, and face feature smooth shading, but his hair, neck, and gloves are flat-shaded. Count those neck tris.

Gotta check if there's a PS1 emulator that can disable textures, I'd love to study these models more closely.

If PS1 hackers could come together & build tools to universally rip clean models from PS1 games, that'd also be very good. Make that happen for me specifically, thanks.

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