Plowed my way through edits for 86 animations tonight. Added tail movement to Half-Life's crouched idle animation, and then used the crouching and standing idles as the base for all of the aiming animations.

Thankfully, a very simple and painless process. It only required importing the original animations on top of the new tail animation, which filled in the animation for every other bone. Time-consuming af though, and no way to automate the process.

I still have to do edits for all the crouched weapon draw/shoot/reload animations. There's 118 in total, but they're all single-frame edits for the poses, just to prevent the tail from clipping through the floor. Again, simple but time consuming.

I don't really *mind* super repetitive tasks like this, but lol, it's far from exciting. Once I'm done with this, I'll be able to work on new jump animations.

...technically all the death animations need tweaks too, but like. Nah lmao, I just won't die instead, problem solved.

Just found out that the game automatically blends the upper half of crouched "armed" animations with the lower half of the crouched "idle" animation, so half of the work I did tonight was actually unnecessary lmao. Oh well, still covered a lot of ground tonight. 🙃

A lot of GoldSource is really not well documented, I'm pretty much learning about all its quirks as I go. Which is like, half cool, half "why must it be like this"

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