Tonight's been a night of unfortunate confirmations.

1) GoldSrc, without a shadow of a doubt, does not allow for framerates to be changed for most animations.

2) In an incredible display of hardcoding things, GoldSrc will speed up animations if they are longer than expected, so that their duration matches its original animations. You cannot cheat their duration in any way.

In my attempt to get a GoldenEye animation in-game, I managed to squeeze one down from 90 frames @ 30 fps, to 18 frames @ 6 fps. For an animation like this, the results were promising.

Differences are plainly visible when placed side-by-side, but the reduced version sticks remarkably close to the original.

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Unfortunately, GoldSrc's animation limits are something I can't overcome without direct access to the engine, so my attempt to get GoldenEye animations into Sven-Coop ends here.

It's a bummer, but honestly I'm surprised I got this close. The animations work! Half-Life skeleton rigs can technically use them! The issue is the engine itself.

@Lollie oh no ;;; i hope you can find use for these in a future project

@dogo Tbh probably not, buuut they were only for a small goof anyway, so it's not a big loss! Still valuable experience, and I'm happy that I got *this* close to it.

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