Turns out there's a 4-byte entry that says how many bytes are used for the color palette, and then each color palette entry uses 3-bytes. Straight-up RGB. And then palette entries are stored in reverse order.

Also, preceded by the plain-english string "CMAP". Color Map.

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[accidentally figures out the first few steps of reading a PS1 texture format from some obscure game] Oh okay, well fuck me then.

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Having a quick look at one-way platforms before bed, and... Oh no. That can't be good for his neck.

Been working on a little something, and it's slowly coming together! Here's me running, skidding, and jumping around.

Quickly studied the camera in Kirby's Adventure, and I'm surprised to find that its follow window is effectively a 32×32 pixel square — off-center by 16px left & 32px up.

The only reason why Kirby travels outside the square is because the majority of its rooms only scroll along one axis, horizontal or vertical.

First steps! Following a tutorial to get a feel for simple platforming in gamemaker *without* relying on its physics engine. No jump/fall sprites yet, I'll fix that eventually lol.

Reposting an old classic from Twitter, back when I was toying with JRPG things. Forever and always, he's always here. 🏖🦁🎶

Most of this head was done in a few hours last night, while tonight was all about that little tuft of hair across the top. The tuft took way longer than I'd like to admit, but I'm satisfied with the result.

Right, I can think about modelling him up proper now. The endless struggle of "is this low poly enough?" begins tomorrow

Spline cage is almost done! Just a couple small details left to worry about.

Right now I've gotta deal with the hair, weird shapes that only hold up at certain angles. I need to take as much guesswork out of this as possible.

I'm finally getting back to work on an older project, feeling rejuvenated and way more confident about 3D-modelling a character.

Starting with a spline wireframe - this definitely adds more time, but it also takes a *ton* of guess work out of the modelling process for me. Way easier to tweak details and get the general forms to feel right.

In my attempt to get a GoldenEye animation in-game, I managed to squeeze one down from 90 frames @ 30 fps, to 18 frames @ 6 fps. For an animation like this, the results were promising.

Differences are plainly visible when placed side-by-side, but the reduced version sticks remarkably close to the original.

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This is just a glimpse of what I'm dealing with. GoldenEye's 16-bone rig VS Half-Life's 42-bone rig. I've singled out the bones in the HL rig that match up best with the GE rig, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to match that power stance.

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So I figured I wasn't going to worry about editing the death animations.

But then I had an idea. A really silly idea. And then I found the tools that will allow me to execute that really silly idea.

This is me testing just how easy it'll be to execute that really silly idea.

While playing with Xplorer FX's interrupt switch, one detail that I thought was super cool is that Tekken 3's models are selectively smoothed.

Like here, Kazuya's arms, chest, and face feature smooth shading, but his hair, neck, and gloves are flat-shaded. Count those neck tris.

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