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Modelling is done, head is unwrapped, and emblems have been added to the HEV suit as modeled detail.

Textures are temporary! Gonna paint them up properly next. ✌

I expected this to give me some hell, but it ended up coming together with minimal pain!!

The sweep, though. I fear the sweep. I have to do the sweep tomorrow.

Doing a little modding for Sven Co-op / Half-Life! Building myself a wirecage to model around - his hair is kind of tricky to figure out, and he's gonna be *very* low poly.

A friend shared a ridiculously cool-looking project running in the *beta* of Media Molecule's "Dreams", described as "a visually stunning, cinematic FPS w/ solid momentum filled gunplay".

Screenshots speak for themselves imo, I didn't think we'd see stuff this good out of Dreams this soon - before MM's toolset has even been released.


Just announced last night, this sounds super interesting:

BSP2Doom, a toolset made for -focused level editors, for building levels with advanced 2D/3D features. Lightmaps, overbrights, and automatic creation of control sectors for 3D floors.

This is still in the development stages, but the results look real promising. Real interested in seeing if this gets off the ground!


Spent all of last week watching AGDQ, so now I'm finally finishing modelling the last few props. Just three more to go, then I'll be taking a break from modelling to figure out a character design. ✌

*So* close to being done with modelling office props. All that's left on my list now is modular office desks — corners, short and long ends, add-on drawers, organizer shelves, monitor risers.

Spending the new year modelling more extremely low poly and untextured office supplies, while listening to various early Ridge Racer OSTs. ✌

Why use six sides to convey most tiny round cylinder objects, when you can use three

Back on my bullshit, using BizHawk's support for Lua scripts to do cutesy info-border things. (this is currently 50% functional, 50% concept)

Intentionally low poly as hell (though currently lacking textures): We Got Computers.

Here's the finished 3D model for Namco's "neGcon" gamepad. Most of the polygon count is in the line art: renderable splines converted to meshes, which allows the lines to look evenly thick at any angle. ✌

Check out the model on Sketchfab!

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