Basically I just want to make tiny games for consoles that are almost as old as me

I also extremely need to play with NESmaker, especially now that scrolling has been implemented

Guess who's 100% toying with GB Studio and dreaming about tiny Game Boy RPGs tonight.

Someone made a simple visual scripting tool for creating straight-up Game Boy games. It looks like it's tailor-made for tiny RPGs, but this is still extremely cool.


@dogo Tbh probably not, buuut they were only for a small goof anyway, so it's not a big loss! Still valuable experience, and I'm happy that I got *this* close to it.

Unfortunately, GoldSrc's animation limits are something I can't overcome without direct access to the engine, so my attempt to get GoldenEye animations into Sven-Coop ends here.

It's a bummer, but honestly I'm surprised I got this close. The animations work! Half-Life skeleton rigs can technically use them! The issue is the engine itself.

In my attempt to get a GoldenEye animation in-game, I managed to squeeze one down from 90 frames @ 30 fps, to 18 frames @ 6 fps. For an animation like this, the results were promising.

Differences are plainly visible when placed side-by-side, but the reduced version sticks remarkably close to the original.

Tonight's been a night of unfortunate confirmations.

1) GoldSrc, without a shadow of a doubt, does not allow for framerates to be changed for most animations.

2) In an incredible display of hardcoding things, GoldSrc will speed up animations if they are longer than expected, so that their duration matches its original animations. You cannot cheat their duration in any way.

Guess who just figured out how to use GoldenEye animations on a Half-Life model. πŸ’ͺ🦊✨
#LowPoly #HalfLife #Fussy

@Tak I mean I kinda love that tbh, if only because of how it can make models look super crunchy at extreme levels

Award for "Worst Thing In 3D" is now tied between Euler Axis Order and Gimbal Lock

Euler Axis Order might actually be the worst thing in 3D.

@kerplunk It's really good and painless and *definitely* not overkill

What this doesn't get across is that the bones on each rig are oriented differently to each other, and the amount of difference varies wildly.

Like, one GE bone might require each axis to be cycled. So GE's X axis matches HL's Y axis, GE's Y matches HL's Z, etc.

Another GE bone might match the X axis on a HL bone, but Y and Z will be swapped, and Z will need its values inverted.

Basically rules are fake and none of this is worth the end goal (Goldeneye anims in HL), but I'm GONNA DO IT ANYWAY

@hyenatown Desperately searching for tutorials on how to teach yoga to a 3D model

This is just a glimpse of what I'm dealing with. GoldenEye's 16-bone rig VS Half-Life's 42-bone rig. I've singled out the bones in the HL rig that match up best with the GE rig, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to match that power stance.

Ripping and importing animations from GoldenEye to 3dsMax is easy!

Porting animations from GoldenEye's skeleton to Half-Life's skeleton is DEFINITELY NOT.

So I figured I wasn't going to worry about editing the death animations.

But then I had an idea. A really silly idea. And then I found the tools that will allow me to execute that really silly idea.

This is me testing just how easy it'll be to execute that really silly idea.

A lot of GoldSource is really not well documented, I'm pretty much learning about all its quirks as I go. Which is like, half cool, half "why must it be like this"

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