I eat up behind-the-scenes info like this - I love info about how older consoles worked, having experienced the PlayStation 1 and 2 throughout my childhood & teenage years. Wild to see the stuff devs worked around!

Stumbled across a post about the state of PS2 , where various emulation developers chimed in with insights about what made PS2 so difficult to develop for. (plus a little info about GameCube, Xbox, and N64)

Look for comments from phire (Dolphin, GC/Wii), arbee37 (MAME, Arcade), and PSISP (DobieStation, PS2)

A friend shared a ridiculously cool-looking project running in the *beta* of Media Molecule's "Dreams", described as "a visually stunning, cinematic FPS w/ solid momentum filled gunplay".

Screenshots speak for themselves imo, I didn't think we'd see stuff this good out of Dreams this soon - before MM's toolset has even been released.

Source: twitter.com/DISARMEDTWEETS/sta

hot dang someone made some classic Tomb Raider in Dreams (the PS4 build-your-own-game) thingy! I didn't know Dreams was this good, and also that's a ton of dedication twitter.com/MatthwDayton/statu

Just announced last night, this sounds super interesting:

BSP2Doom, a toolset made for -focused level editors, for building levels with advanced 2D/3D features. Lightmaps, overbrights, and automatic creation of control sectors for 3D floors.

This is still in the development stages, but the results look real promising. Real interested in seeing if this gets off the ground!

πŸ”— doomworld.com/forum/topic/1039

Finally finished modelling the last few props, took me much longer than it should have to push through. Not sure why tbh (they were extremely simple), but I can finally take a break from it to focus on something else.

Spent all of last week watching AGDQ, so now I'm finally finishing modelling the last few props. Just three more to go, then I'll be taking a break from modelling to figure out a character design. ✌

I swear, every time I think I'm almost done with modelling, I remember more props that need to be modeled. 🀠

Finished up all the desk pieces, now I need some mugs, pen holders, and a few empty snacks. Also need a light switch, a double door, and a tall server. So close.

*So* close to being done with modelling office props. All that's left on my list now is modular office desks β€” corners, short and long ends, add-on drawers, organizer shelves, monitor risers.

Also lol, adding a few extra faces here and there for the sake of making texturing as painless as possible later on. Worth it, I think.

I still have eight or ten office supply props to model. Most of them are flat and boxy! But then I've gotta move onto larger and more complex models.

Spending the new year modelling more extremely low poly and untextured office supplies, while listening to various early Ridge Racer OSTs. ✌

The way "Retro Game Mechanics Explained" visualizes technical info continues to amaze me tbh.

The way they explain technical systems in a way that can be easily understood, but also visual details like displaying audio channels, or how they reveal & display pure data.

Real solid video production, consistently interesting channel. youtube.com/watch?v=gDLpbFXnpe

Texturing is going to be so nice and fast for so many of these props. I can't wait to get onto that tbh.

These things (along with 90% of the props I have to model) will only be seen up close for one or two shots, and even then they'll be in a dark environment with no way for the viewer to examine them any closer than I intend them to see. They *still* might have too much detail, lol.

Anyway I need to model extremely low poly pens and staplers now.

I didn't want to change its default rendering behavior, but I guess if it was incorrect to begin with, then... it's good? It's fine??

I was under the impression that BizHawk's LuaCanvas.drawText (which draws in a separate window) was *supposed* to have smooth rendering... though it did seem odd that gui.drawText (which draws directly on top of the emulator) did not have smoothing.

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