@jon_valdes also, do you have any good resources that you like to look at for engine development?

@jon_valdes thank you so much for all the advice. Which route did you personally take? I am very interested in helping out with Godot Engine as it very much on the rise as an open source engine. If I were to apply to frostbite would it be beneficial to have github contributions of tools, bug fixes, help in a specific area, or building my own personal engine? Personally I would like end up as a gameplay programmer, so I am working to develop my own games with unique/interesting gameplay.

To all you triple A devs, as a software engineer trying to get in, what are the best things to put in a software engineers portfolio? I am considering contributing to open source game engines, developing my own engine or simply just making games. What is generally looked for?

When trying to get into the industry, does using a certain engine help over others, or is it more about the overall experience of making games?

Hey guys, when looking at Triple A company job descriptions, it states “have x years of experience on at least one shipped title.” Does this usually mean they want you to have Triple A experience, or does having games that you’ve shipped (either for free or sell) on your own (as an indie dev) meet this requirement?

To all the pros in the industry out there. How reasonable is it to get in with a triple A studio after creating a game developed as a personal project? Thanks for all the advice

Hey to all you "pros" in the industry. When applying to jobs, if a Software candidate has created games by using free art from opengameart, is this an issue?

Hey guys, I am a graduated Computer Science major from Baylor, interested in breaking into the game dev industry as a Software Engineer. I have experience with Unity, UE4, C++ and C#, SQL, Python and more.

Hey all, quick question. For those who look for Programming Positions within the Game Industry, is it better to have modern C++ experience in a professional environment, or do older versions of C++ also work out well for those trying to break in in the future.

Hey all, I am an aspiring game dev, a Professional Software Programmer and graduate from Baylor University.

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