Monsters and Sprites Day 9: Alright, that's 9 days of work on this demo, ready to show it off at the expo tomorrow. @ me if you want me to turn this into a full game!

Monsters and Sprites Day 7: Puzzles puzzles puzzles only a few days left to finish this prototype in time for the expo

Monsters and Sprites Days 5&6: Forgot to post my update here yesterday--yesterday I implemented the basic game mechanics, today I updated the art with new stuff from Carrie, did some work on the camera, and added a little tutorial level by

Monsters and Sprites Day 4: Alright, back on track now! Got the physics working & added some music by Next up are the actual game mechanics! #indiedev

Monsters and Sprites Day 2: Built a quick level editor and crammed some concept art in it to test it out. We also got a booth at Playcrafting NYC's Spring expo next week so I guess it's gotta work by then!

Okay so I'm up too late, but now not only does my engine hot swap scripts written in my language on save--it also has an editor callback that you can use to forward messages from the compiler to your editor as you type

In other news, after years of writing my own crappy text renderers for all my projects...I realized I'm better off just calling into the OS's text renderer on each platform. Here's my project rendering Arabic via CoreText on macOs, my previously renderers definitely wouldn't have gotten this right!

Made a low poly tree for no particular reason. Probably because I played Firewatch yesterday and it was pretty. 440 tris, textures from because I'm too lazy to go out and hunt for a dry branch to photograph in the snow.

It's not Saturday but... can I tag it for next week?

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