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Pro tip: Add `declare -x HISTIGNORE=*reset*` to your bashrc and you'll never accidentally up arrow + enter a `git reset --hard HEAD` again.

In other news, after years of writing my own crappy text renderers for all my projects...I realized I'm better off just calling into the OS's text renderer on each platform. Here's my project rendering Arabic via CoreText on macOs, my previously renderers definitely wouldn't have gotten this right!

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Ha, was wondering how sub pixel antialiasing got turned on. Turns out it's just chromatic aberration from my new glasses.

Made a low poly tree for no particular reason. Probably because I played Firewatch yesterday and it was pretty. 440 tris, textures from because I'm too lazy to go out and hunt for a dry branch to photograph in the snow.

It's not Saturday but... can I tag it for next week?

"Mitton's 5th Law: any new program requires 90% of the available RAM. This applies regardless of the RAM, the program, or what year it is."

"The Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy" –Pinboard

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Has anyone here done a lot of Cocoa? I'm trying to clean up the text entry in my macOS platform layer, but I'm running into a subtle issue with how accents & marked text interact with selection that I wanna try to get right

Hello! I'm a queer game developer, currently working on a game engine in Rust and a compiler for a language that's used in the engine. During the day I'm working on a brain machine interface and some games for it at CTRL-Labs.

If you're doing anything similar (engines, compilers, gamedev in Rust etc) or are trying to get into that sorta stuff feel free to message me, I'd love to chat!

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