Been thinking about Top 10 Games You Can Play In Your Head, By Yourself lately, a book a friend of mine told me about. I want to see all the games in it :0

Also trying to think of new videos to make on my main channel. Idddeeaaassssss.

I ordered (and received) the latest edition of the Láadan Dictionary

I bought a couple decent ballpoint pens at the grocery store so now I want to write a bunch of stuff because writing on paper feels so good. But... I don't know what to write. :T

If I made a Soup Tube management sim game would I have to pay royalties to the Soup Tube guy?

I asked my husband if he'd invest in Soup Tubes and he just came to talk to me in person like wtf are you talking about

It kind of sucks when you work so hard on something and then you're just completely left out of getting any sort of credit. Bleh.

I've been playing more Animal Crossing again so I can make new stuff for the island for the kiddos to explore next time I take my Switch over there.

Something like ten years ago I was talking to someone about how we pronounce Hors D'oeuvre at home and they said their family always called em "Horse Divorce" for fun and that was going through my head so I drew it as a fake .

Sure sometimes songs go through your head, but do certain words or phrases just repeat on your head endlessly sometimes?

Reminder that you should play my sister's visual novel, Panic! at the Dog Show, and my cousin's visual novel, The Little Mermaid, because they're cool games and they're free now.


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