Sometimes I get addicted to making progress in RPGs but then I realize it's just numbers going up... I'm a programmer I can make my own numbers go up... I don't need RPG systems!!

I have a hard time enjoying RPGs thoroughly and I end up just wishing the numbers were already big

You could also forego textbooks and just use all the resources (video lecture, lecture slides with tons of content, instructor notes, practice exercises, homework, quizzes) that I provide.

My textbook policy as a teacher:
Hey it's good to have a nice reference material, but you don't have to get this brand new expensive one. Depending on the topic, you can get an old edition or a totally different book for a more reasonable price. This shit is pretty standard.

Making our own quizzes takes a lot of time, so there should be a central resource where you can pull quizzes and question pools from to build your own quizzes.

And then with this digital book, you pay $60 to access it for ONE SEMESTER. You don't even get it long term. Sure, it has interactive quizzes and shit but like... isn't that what the LMS is for?

Instead of this, we should have a big database of free/cc teaching resources.

I use my textbook a lot to reference as I create lectures and exercises and everything, but I like making all my own materials so that _I_ own those materials and _I_ can give them out for free, wherever I want.

So like, college textbooks:

I feel like just the professor really needs it. I'd prefer to give students free resources. I hate the idea that a class of 15ish each pay $50 - $150 per book, which is already a big expense for students, but then that's $750 profit per class.

I want one system to play all my games on, that I can hook up to my TV or play handheld. Which is basically just a laptop loaded with emulators or something. I have so many old DS games I've never beaten and want to play again but fuck if I know where my 3DS is lol.

Refactoring code in the map editor, not really adding anything new atm. Just making it nicer 🌼

(And that's what I was working on, but now I've been undermined by proprietary stuff.)

Mmh... expensive physical textbooks was bad on its own, but dislike paying for temporary access to digital books, even if they add more interactivity. I dunno, I'd just make all this shit free you guyz.

Well I guess I'm starting my day with gamedev until I get some emails helping me out.

Just a minor work inconvenience of having to throw out like three years of my things

Oh good. Oh good oh good oh good.
So happy right now. Uhggh.

I think I'm about to fall back asleep.

And why shouldn't I be able to nap throughout the day whenever it feels right, so long as I get my work done?

Making people wake up to go drive to an office and type type on computers early in the morning is shitty.

But unfortunately I don't quality for QA/SET positions because usually they want really specific things in the job postings. 😒

I hate the way the SW industry works.

Plus I like writing tools and scripts to get work done.

I always wondered if it would be less stressful to be a Software Engineer in Test than an actual core Software Engineer.

Anyone have any input to this?

I like the idea of not building onto a big poopy codebase and it seems like maintaining tests have a smaller code scope.

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